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SynergyXR Creators Club

Join an exclusive community of XR creators and help define how the Metaverse unfolds!

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Be a frontrunner and leave your mark on the Metaverse


Become a club member today and help lead the XR community

Your own Metaverse workspace

Gain full access to the SynergyXR platform and work functionally across VR, AR and MR.

Members of the Creators Club receive a personal workspace and exclusive access to VIP areas.

Compete and win prizes 

Unleash your creativity in SynergyXR and present your best designs to win custom prizes!

With both physical and digital assets up for grabs, don’t miss your chance to win big!

Exclusive creator events

It’s not just a digital community. We connect face-to-face when it matters.

Attend in-person events with free merch, talks and a chance to network with thought leaders in XR.

Unlimited storage 

Upload and manage your content securely on an enterprise-grade cloud platform.

Best part of it all? Creators get unlimited storage space for all your images, videos and 3D assets.

Member spotlight with art director Lilian Loris

Meet Lilian Lorisan Italian-Brazilian art director who’s worked in Brazil for six years as an art director of Cinema Animation Festivals and music events. She later moved to Italy where she expanded into digital broadcasting through studying video production, UX, and motion graphics

Member spotlight with VR developer Thomas

Say hello to Thomas Barrett, an American video game developer based in Chicago. He’s spent the past five years developing video games of every stripe on the Unity engine, specializing primarily in Virtual Reality (VR) game development and rapid prototyping.

Works across devices

SynergyXR is a no-code, cloud platform that lets companies design, onboard, sell, and support across all XR devices without writing a single line of code. Upload your assets to the cloud and use SynergyXR cross-functionally on iOS, PC & Meta Quest.


Frequently asked questions

What is SynergyXR?

SynergyXR is a virtual presentation platform that lets users upload content (e.g. 3D models, images, videos) to the cloud and access them using a range of AR, VR and MR devices as well as PC.

How do people use SynergyXR?

There are a number of ways people use SynergyXR, including for example virtual sales meetings, product demonstrations or design reviews.

For members of the Creators Club, SynergyXR is perfect for uploading custom content, designing environments and showing them off to a community of fellow XR aficionados.

What is a workspace?

Everything you do in SynergyXR is allocated to a workspace: user access; content; environments; multi-user sessions, etc. This means that a workspace provides clear separation of data and collaborative sessions.

In the Creators Club, each member is provided their private workspace in which they can design multiple environments and teleport between them.

A shared workspace, called the SynergyXR Clubhouse, lets users connect in a multi-user environment.

Can I invite other users to view my workspace?

Yes! SynergyXR allows members of the Creators Club to invite each other to their private workspaces aside from having access to the shared Clubhouse.

Additionally, every member gets up to five users who can access their workspace, including guest accounts.

Is my data secure using SynergyXR?

Used by large enterprises to host business critical information, SynergyXR has been designed from the ground up with security as a major concern, ensuring your data is safe and that unintentional access is not possible.