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Scale your trade fair exhibitions and showrooms globally

Think about the difficulty of showcasing heavy-duty vehicles across geographical distances, or any other product that isn’t easily transported from point A to point B. Using SynergyXR as a virtual platform, Heavy Machinery Inc. can scale its trade fair exhibitions and showrooms globally with an out-of-the-box experience that communicates its brand in a powerful new way. 

Multi-user sessions

Invite others to share the experience

Easily scalable out of the box

Work and scale fast with templates

Interactive experiences

Feel what it's like to lift 30 tons

SynergyXR easily stood out from competitors. Their approach towards usability and quick implementation was what set them apart.

Svend Erik Svendsen  |  CFO at Vikan

How Vikan connects virtually with its customers

Reduced travel forced this global cleaning supply company to rethink how it showcases its products virtually.