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the SynergyXR
Creators Club

Are you excited by the Metaverse? Join an exclusive community of XR creators and help define how the Metaverse unfolds!

What is the SynergyXR Creators Club?

Designed to equip content creators with cutting-edge tools and explore everything XR, the SynergyXR Creators Club is your golden opportunity to experience Extended Reality and help set the standards for the Metaverse.

As a member of the Creators Club, you get a front row seat to the XR industry alongside other creators and professionals invested in the Metaverse, with whom you can easily connect and share ideas in real-time.

All club members get the following perks:

  • Your personal XR workspace and VIP access on the SynergyXR platform
  • Exclusive creator events with free merch, speaking- and networking opportunities
  • Creator competitions with a chance to win awesome prizes
  • Unlimited storage on an enterprise-grade cloud platform

Who we’re looking for

The Creators Club is a free-to-join community partnership that puts XR tools and an industry network in the hands of content creators. That’s why we want the most unique and creative people on the platform to blaze the trail and help grow the XR industry, which we measure by the following profile descriptions:

  • XR enthusiasts seeking exposure to the industry and opportunities to engage with a dedicated XR community.
  • Creators and 3D designers who want to upload their creations within a secure space and invite others at their discretion.

If your profile matches these criteria, we encourage you to apply today!

Got any questions?

For more information about the SynergyXR Creators Club, feel free to contact Community Host Jens Nguyen with general inquiries.