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Discover the benefits of going virtual

In the manufacturing industry, training employees while running an active production is a recurring challenge. Whether it’s due to time or money constraints, it’s hard for companies to devise a program that avoids eating into production.

With virtual reality training, that’s no longer a concern. You’re able to provide interactive, step-by-step training programs that teach employees exactly how to handle machinery and follow standardized protocols.

Multi-user sessions

Invite others to share the experience

Standardized procedures

Implement step-by-step protocols

Interactive experiences

Grab a wrench to tighten nuts and bolts

Try it with Virtual Reality

Engage the senses with Virtual Reality and feel what it’s like to stand in the production line – all from the comfort of your safe learning environment.

Whether it’s assembling a steel beam or walking through a standardized safety drill, technical training in Virtual Reality can simulate interactive experiences to the highest degree of realism.

The thing that stood out to me was that everyone learned the procedure very quickly, and they were having fun while doing it.

Camilla Bøttcher  |  Operations Assistant at Isover

Isover readies plant personnel with virtual reality training

With simulated procedures in VR, Saint-Gobain Isover is able to provide sophisticated employee training on-demand.