Aarhus, Denmark | Full-time | Senior Position

Welcome to SynergyXR

SynergyXR is a powerful no-code XR platform that helps companies train, educate, collaborate, and share big ideas in augmented and virtual reality. We believe all teams, from sales to service, work best when they’re able to communicate their ideas, products, and solutions faster, stronger, and easier. Augmented and virtual reality let you do all of that, but until now it’s been expensive and complicated. So that’s why we designed an easy way for people to use it without having to worry about all the technical stuff. We sum that up with our company mantra: XR to the people!

About the role

As Product Manager, your main responsibility will be to develop and maintain the product roadmap for SynergyXR. You will identify, explore, and map opportunities (customer needs, pain points, and desires) from a wide range of sources including, existing customers, marketing and sales insights, competitor analysis, market trends, and technical opportunities.

Together with the design team and in close collaboration with the R&D team, you will shape this input into the best iteration of the SynergyXR platform. The proposed solutions must be validated, which means you will oversee UX and usability testing to maximize the chance of a successful outcome. Finally, you will be responsible for prioritizing the product roadmap to optimize customer value while ensuring alignment with the overall strategy of SynergyXR.

What you’ll do here:

  • Analyze our customers’ “jobs-to-be-done” to identify unmet needs that we want to focus our development efforts around.
  • Conduct customer interviews and systemize our insights so they are accessible to the team and can be easily turned into actions.
  • Maintain the product roadmap, product specifications, and support to R&D technical development roadmap.
  • Responsible for the product lifecycle of the SynergyXR platform.
  • Make sure our product supports and is adapted to the local legislation and norms in new markets.
  • Collect and share relevant insights to sales and marketing.
  • Support product training in collaboration with our Customer Success department.

Let’s talk if you:

  • Love XR technology and want to shape the future of SynergyXR.
  • Have at least 3-5 years of experience with Product Management.
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset that spots business opportunities.
  • Are used to diving into user pains and needs, and uncovering demand via qualitative as well as quantitative research, e.g. performing interviews, UX and usability tests, designing surveys etc.
  • Can view problems, people, situations etc., from many different perspectives, and are able to identify both opportunities and risks in most things.
  • Are curious to figure out how things work and why people act as they do and can dig deeper until you really understand something.
  • Question your own intuition (as well as others) and are able to distinguish between what’s known and what’s unknown.
  • Have a data-driven and systematic approach to your work.
  • Are used to managing a large number of inputs and coping with uncertainty.
  • Think in terms of outcomes, and don’t care about the amount of features we ship, but only about the impact we have on our customers’ lives and the future of our business.
  • Have good collaboration skills and are used to working with developers and product designers. You involve other people in your work and prefer solving problems together.
  • Can multi-task and adhere to deadlines.
  • Enjoy working as part of a social team with a lot of different backgrounds.
  • Are generally a cool and interesting person to work with.

Why you’ll love working at SynergyXR: 

  • Join one of the first and leading companies to work with extended reality technologies like augmented, virtual and mixed realities
  • Work with some of the biggest brands in the world
  • Become part of an exciting scale-up company with strong wind in our sails
  • Be surrounded and supported by a group of colleagues who’re unapologetically passionate about tech and how it’s disrupting existing industries
  • Get deep inside the “engine room” and contribute on the same level as everyone else.
  • Get your own areas of responsibilities, projects, goals and opportunities to deliver meaningful results.
  • Work flexible hours and remotely when needed.
  • An awesome lunch, snacks and, being a tech company, all the soda you can drink.
  • The opportunity to advance your career within the organization

Wanna know more?

For more information about this job, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the hiring manager: 

Sune Wolff
Chief Technical Officer
+45 51 95 18 33