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The smart way to manage talent

SynergyXR is a great way to evaluate candidates, onboard new hires, grow talent and keep your global workforce in sync.

Evaluate talent better

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Train more effectively

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Let’s face it, the way we work and manage talent has changed

In a post-covid work environment, we’ve said goodbye to the idea of a packed office with 9-5 employees. Now employees are spread around the world and split their time between working from anywhere and in-office. That’s why companies need a smarter way to find the right people, keep teams aligned, share knowledge and upskill workers.

SynergyXR is designed for the modern workplace and offers innovative ways to assess talent using virtual reality interviews and assessments. You can even design your own virtual onboarding and training programs that are easy to scale and offered on-demand for easier convenience and less travel.

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Ease of use and compatibility was paramount for us. We wouldn't have chosen SyngeryXR if we weren't able to reuse content across all platforms.

Nicolai Aaboe Kallestrup   |  Designer & Concept Developer at Grundfos

Grundfos uses virtual reality to remotely evaluate applicants

If circumstances in 2020 had stayed the same, applicants for Grundfos’ prestigious graduate program would have been gearing up to travel from all over the world to Grundfos’ headquarters in Denmark.

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