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The smart way to train production workers

SynergyXR is a platform that lets you train production workers smarter so you can keep your production running smoothly​

Fewer mistakes

Clearer instructions

Faster training times

Reduce training costs

Let’s face it, the way we work and train workers has changed

For many production companies, onboarding and upskilling of high-turnover workers is too costly, slow and ineffective due to outdated training practices. And to make matters even worse, they’re faced with a retiring workforce and limited expertise, which affects overall product and service quality.   

SynergyXR lets workers learn how to operate machines and fix problems remotely.​ Companies can create fully customizable training scenarios that mimic reality and let workers train at their own pace from anywhere, anytime.​ They can also prep for upcoming maintenance with digital copies of facilities as well as get on-demand training for uncommon problems and procedures.

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Train and onboard in Virtual Reality

While the world around us is increasingly becoming more digital, most companies continue to train and onboard employees like it’s 1985. Check out this video to see how easy it is to train and onboard employees in Virtual Reality using SynergyXR.

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