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The Metaverse is on everybody’s lips these days, fueled in part by Facebook’s (what we now know as Meta) recent announcement that they’re building the Metaverse – the successor to the mobile internet.

And with this announcement, there’s been a lot of optimism (and confusion) about what this means for companies.

To help business leaders better understand the nuts and bolts of the Metaverse, we’ll be sharing and unpacking our 7 Rules of the Corporate Metaverse. As a set of “get-started” guardrails for senior managers, this primer will equip you with the strategic insights needed to lead your company as the world embraces new ways of working.


During this 45-minute talk, we’ll dive into:

🚀 What the Metaverse is (and isn’t)
🚀 What this means for businesses
🚀 Why we need a separate set of rules
🚀 What steps you can take to prepare for tomorrow

Date: 06 April 2022
Location: Online

Time: 13.00 – 13.45 CEST
Hosts: Corey Morris & Sune Wolff