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Bring your ideas, products, and solutions to life

Give employees a new and better way to present and learn - all while saving big on travel costs and keeping your global workforce connected.

We’ve made it ridiculously easy for you to start using virtual and augmented reality

We designed SynergyXR for people who work with things that are difficult to understand or explain – things that need to be communicated visually. It’s never been easier to present in 3D using augmented and virtual reality – without having to worry about all the technical stuff.


Upload to the cloud

Use the content manager to toss your 3D models, videos, images and docs you already own up to the Microsoft Azure cloud.


Choose your favorite device

Select your mobile, tablet, PC, Oculus Quest 2 or HoloLens.


Start building

Drag and drop your content to ​design your own virtual meeting space, create step-by-step training, or provide remote support.


Connect, present and collaborate

Connect with others across similar devices to present - no matter where you or they are in the world.

Why SynergyXR?

Get started fast, save big and set your company up for long-term success

With SynergyXR, you can recycle existing content and get started in minutes. And with a subscription-based payment, you get an affordable multi-user platform packed with the latest features to help keep your company connected and successful.

Built for all types of teams and companies

We designed SynergyXR to work across teams of all shapes and sizes and from a wide range of industries – just like yours. Whether you’re showcasing a new product to potential customers or servicing industrial machines in remote locations, you’ll feel like it was designed just for you.

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businesses with SynergyXR

Meet the team behind SynergyXR

We’re a motley group of techies, doctors, and storytellers who’ve spent the last decade developing XR solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. Our mission is to bring XR to the people, and we envision a future and a present where extended realities like augmented and virtual reality will continue to revolutionize the way we live, work, and play.

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