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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality uses a mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet to overlay computer generated graphics on top of the real world using the device’s camera. If you’re one of the 1.5 billion users of Snapchat, Instagram or Pokémon Go, you’re probably already familiar with Augmented Reality. But it can also be used for so much more!

Give customers a better way to experience your products using Augmented Reality

With SynergyXR’s Augmented Reality (AR) solution you can give colleagues and customers a completely new way to experience your products. Ready to use out of the box and fully customizable, SynergyXR delivers an enterprise backend that lets you upload, manage and share your entire product catalog in minutes.

AR apps are becoming mainstream


Out of 1,100 U.S. adult shoppers are already using some form of AR while shopping.


Of them often use AR to find out more about prouducts before buying.


Of those asked said they’d shop more often if they used AR apps.


Of these adult shoppers are ready to use AR to preview an item before buying it.

IKEA Place

Augmented Reality Apps like IKEA Place allow shoppers to virtually see how a sofa, lamp or frame would look anywhere in their home before they purchase. It’s these types of try-before-you-buy experiences that make Augmented Reality a game changer.


Danish house builder Huscompagniet uses their Augmented Reality app to let customers see, customize and explore homes during the critical decision-making process.

Bang & Olufsen

The B&O App Experience lets consumers see how their favorite products visually come to life in their own personal space. Customers can place and move B&O products in their own living space, customize products and see how they complement their decor.

The SynergyXR App experience

Customizable user interface 

Tailor the user interface according to your brand design guide and make the app a natural extension of your brand’s touch point.

Manage your 3D models with ease

Use the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer to upload, manage and store your 3D models safely without having to be a tech wiz or pay external vendors for extra support.

Easy organization

Quickly upload your products in 3D to catalogues in the app and let your customers instantly access all of your products with the touch of a finger.

Full scale or miniature 

Let customers see your products in  different sizes – from full scale all the way down to 1:10. This makes it easy to experience products in different settings, especially when showing several large products together with others.

App store setup

You don’t have to worry about setting things up on the App stores. We’ll take care of that and let you focus on promoting the new App with your customers.

In-app tutorials

Show customers how to unleash the power of the App by giving them a simple, in-app tutorial that shows them exactly how to use the App.

Customer engagement

  • Ask for email and social media
    contact details
  • Generate order summary
  • Send email directly to sales
  • CRM integration
  • Analytics on usage


Make it easy for customers to share their ideas with others or request info with your sales team by adding snapshots to your app.

  • Branded snapshots without interfaces elements
  • Native OS integration
  • Share directly to Social Media
  • Save to camera roll

Multiple languages

If you operate in different countries, you might want to offer the app in local languages. Good news – you can upgrade the app to support multiple languages.

  • Support for multiple languages
  • In-app language selection
  • Support for standard languages
  • Setup of translation file system


If you operate across regions, you might need a better way to organize which products your customers or sales teams have access to. We can create region-specific catalogues for you.

  • Multiple region-specific catalogues
  • In-app region selection
  • Setup of region-specific storages

Your own AR App in less than 5 weeks


Week 1 – Kickoff

Initial workshop | Brand presentation | Needs and requirements | Scope and Statement of Work | Walkthrough of project schedule


Week 2 – Setup

Select your device | Presentation and sign-off on app-flow and graphics | Setup of server storage I Instructions in preparation and upload of 3D product models | Setup of stores for deployment |Setup of Test-flight for internal testing


Week 3 – First draft

First iteration | Deployment for internal review | Feedback session 1/3 | Upload of 3D product models


Week 4 – Refinement

Feature completion | Continued internal review | Feedback session 2/3 | Production of artwork for stores


Week 5 – Release

Deployment of release candidate | Feedback session 3/3 | Final tweaks | Public release!

KOMPAN Outdoor Fitness & Playgrounds App

Kompan, the leading outdoor fitness and playground provider, partnered with SynergyXR to build a custom Augmented Reality (AR) solution to give their sales team and customers a completely new way to experience their products.

With SynergyXR's help, we were able to build a tailormade app that solved our customers and salespeople's problems and made their lives simpler. 

Thomas Bøtker Mortensen   |  Group Marketing Director, KOMPAN

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We’re happy to talk about your needs and help bring your custom Augmented Reality App to life. Our team has more than 10 years of experience designing and developing AR Apps for some of the world’s leading brands.