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VR training provides a realistic, immersive environment where individuals can practice and perfect their responses to dangerous situations without real-world risks, enhancing both preparedness and confidence.

Why virtual technical
training is worth it

Virtual reality (VR) technical training is changing how we prepare for complex tasks in many industries, especially engineering, energy, manufacturing, and maintenance. By creating immersive, 3D copies of equipment and environments, VR allows employees to interact with virtual machinery and tools just as they would in real life. This hands-on practice helps develop technical skills without downtime, or the risk of damaging expensive equipment and potential safety incidents.

VR training also enhances understanding and retention by enabling learners to see and manipulate components in ways that traditional training methods can’t match. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to train large groups remotely, reducing costs associated with travel and accommodation. VR technical training provides a highly effective, safe, and scalable solution for learning crucial technical skills.


Save on travel, transport logistics and equipment

Safe Environment

Train realistic scenarios in a risk free environment

Easily Scaleable

Remove the need for additional equipment

Steel Beam Manufacturing Procedure

Step into the shoes of a steel beam manufacturer and experience what it’s like to undergo hands-on technical training in Virtual Reality (VR).

In the manufacturing industry, training employees during active production poses a recurring challenge. Time and financial constraints make it difficult for companies to create programs that don’t disrupt production.

Virtual reality training eliminates this concern. It offers interactive, step-by-step programs that teach employees how to operate machinery and adhere to standardized protocols without affecting ongoing production.

VR allows users to get hands-on experience and repeat the training until competent - they love it and we see it really works.

Peter Gadeberg  |  Technical Instructor at Maersk Training