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How SynergyXR & Maersk Training are shaping the future of Maritime Training

In the face of rapidly evolving technological landscapes, Maersk Training, powered by SynergyXR, embarked on a pioneering journey to redefine maritime and offshore training.

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PGS revolutionizes offshore training with VR

Discover how PGS is setting new standards in seismic exploration training, diving deep into the virtual world to enhance safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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Baettr transform industrial operator training with VR

Baettr's virtual replica of their real-life production hall and machinery offers a safe and immersive environment for operators to train in.

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Isover readies plant personnel with virtual reality training

With procedures in Virtual Reality, Saint-Gobain Isover is able to provide sophisticated employee training on-demand.

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How MAKEEN Energy is improving trade fairs with virtual showrooms

It’s costly to ship industrial equipment to trade fairs around the world, but MAKEEN Energy has discovered a more efficient way of bringing its products to the customer.

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Stibo Accelerator uses the Metaverse to grow talent

Founded in 1794, Stibo Systems is building its Corporate Metaverse with SynergyXR to help university students from all over the world innovate and share their research.

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How XR is transforming vocational education

Using SynergyXR’s Extended Reality (XR) platform, Svendborg Vocational College in Denmark is enhancing its educational programs to inspire a new generation of students.

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Grundfos’ virtual onboarding accelerates learning

Grundfos uses the SynergyXR platform to onboard and teach employees from around the world about the magical journey of how water flows from the ground to the house.

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