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VR onboarding offers immersive, interactive experiences that can enhance engagement and retention of information, leading to more effective and efficient training compared to traditional methods.

Let’s face it, the way we work
and upskill workers has changed

For many companies, onboarding and upskilling employees is too costly, slow, and ineffective due to outdated training practices. Traditional methods often involve lengthy in-person sessions, static e-learning modules, and extensive manuals, all of which are expensive and time-consuming. These practices struggle to engage employees effectively and quickly become obsolete.

Adding to the challenge, many companies face a retiring workforce and a shortage of experienced personnel. This results in a significant knowledge gap, making it harder to maintain high standards of product and service quality.

As experienced workers leave, the ability to efficiently transfer their knowledge to new hires is critical but often falls short with current training methods.

Virtual Reality (VR) offers a modern solution by providing immersive, interactive, and engaging training environments. VR can reduce costs, accelerate the onboarding process, and enhance training effectiveness, ensuring employees are well-prepared and skilled, thus maintaining the quality of products and services.

4 times faster

Than classroom training

43% reduction

In workplace injuries

Reduce costs

For travel and onboarding

Unleash the power of your products and services with visual storytelling

With Virtual Reality, you can bring your products and services to life by harnessing the power of 3D, immersive storytelling. With VR, you can help your employees understand the big picture of how your products and services work in the real world. You can also add videos to enhance your story and strengthen your message. You can even bring objects of all shapes and sizes into your training scenario without having to think about the logistics or risk of injury

  • Use videos, presentations, images, and 3D objects
  • Engage with 3D assets to teach how products work
  • Scale and animate 3D objects without any risk of injury

If you can do it faster and better by taking them through a virtual experience, then it really makes a lot of sense. It is enormously valuable.

Christian Carlsson  |  Grundfos XR Lead Consultant