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Empower your teams to collaborate virtually, no matter where they are. Share ideas, troubleshoot issues, and develop real-time solutions with immersive tools. Enjoy seamless workflows, unified efforts, and increased productivity.

Unified Teams

Real-Time Solutions

Seamless Workflows

Interactive Tools


Virtual Reality (VR) maintenance offers substantial benefits for companies by enhancing the way maintenance tasks are performed and supported. By utilizing VR technology, companies can provide technicians with detailed, interactive 3D models and real-time guidance, allowing for more accurate and efficient diagnostics and repairs. This reduces downtime and the likelihood of errors, leading to significant cost savings.

  • Reduce travel time
  • Fix things faster 
  • Cut downtime costs


Virtual reality enables personnel to visualize and interact with spatial environments before they are physically created, improving understanding and teamwork. It supports detailed simulations and walkthroughs, allowing planners to foresee potential problems, refine designs, and make well-informed decisions.

  • Better documentation
  • Faster delivery
  • Travel less

Product knowledge

Enhance understanding of your product offerings by facilitating easier collaboration and interaction. Provide distinctive virtual experiences that allow users to scale, rotate, and manipulate 3D objects and models. Simulate real-life product interactions and enable hands-on engagement without any associated risks.
  • Quicker learning
  • Risk-free exploration
  • Easily scalable

Importing 3D models to a VR environment allows users to visualize, tilt, and turn them, leading to a better comprehension of complex objects.

Jan Dalsgaard  |  Vice President, IT at Baettr