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Professional services

Our professional services team has decades of combined experience guiding international companies just like yours. From helping your executive team embrace digital transformation to building state-of-the-art virtual solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands - we’ve got you covered.

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Strategic XR consulting and execution. We’ve got you covered.

The Professional Services team is SynergyXR’s in-house strategic XR consulting agency. Our professional services team can help you build, optimize, and advise to help give your organization the perfect start on its XR journey. And with some of the world’s best XR designers and developers ready to help, there’s seldom a solution we can’t help to deliver.

Strategic XR consulting

SynergyXR’s Professional Services team offers strategic XR consulting while tailoring solutions built on the robust features of the SynergyXR platform. Our experts help you seamlessly integrate XR into your operations, optimizing and enhancing your business processes with our platform’s comprehensive tools. Whether building bespoke solutions or providing targeted advice, we ensure a transformative XR journey with the full support of our experienced XR designers and developers.

Optimised 3D models

Being able to showcase objects in 3D is the hallmark of SynergyXR. If you need help producing objects in 3D then we’re here to help. We can also assist with 1:1 conversions, bulk conversions, workflow setups, and automation pipelines to make it easier for your teams to work in 3D. 

Unique environments

SynergyXR comes out of the box with a handful of beautifully designed environments. But sometimes, you have special needs and interests. That’s where our VR space architects can work with you to design and develop your own customized VR environment – just the way you like it.

Let us help build your XR solution

We’ve spent over a decade designing and building award-winning solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. From virtual and mixed reality training to augmented reality tools, we’re powering organizations forward with tailored XR solutions and the SynergyXR platform.