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Hi. We’re SynergyXR

Back in 2020, we launched the first version of SynergyXR as a way to make it easier for professionals to use virtual and augmented reality in their day-to-day work. But the team behind the product has roots that go all the way back to the very infancy of what we know today as the extended reality industry.

It all started with an idea and a napkin

“What if we cherry-pick the very best of what we’ve learned from 10 yrs. of building custom XR solutions and build a faster, easier, and smarter way to use augmented and virtual reality?” 

That’s the question Mads, Sune, and Thomas asked themselves that day in a cafe in Aarhus, Denmark. An idea was born. What followed was a feverish napkin session that ended up being the blueprint for what we today know as SynergyXR.

Our mission is to enable XR for business

We see a future and a present where extended realities like augmented and virtual reality will continue to revolutionize the way we live, work, and play.

Things will become easier and work faster. We’ll discover new ways to communicate and share. Physical barriers won’t matter as much.

That’s why we’re committed to helping these technologies become the norm. By designing and building people-first solutions, we can help bring XR to businesses today, not tomorrow.

Our journey

It all started back in 2008, and throughout the years has blossomed into a team of industry-leading developers, designers, and thought-leaders who are on a mission to bring XR to the people. From gaming unicorn to world-class XR solutions for businesses around the globe, the last decade has been an amazing journey. 

2021: Unity Studios becomes SynergyXR

The company and product take on the same name to mark a new direction for the team and a stronger commitment to the vision.

2020: The launch of SynergyXR

SynergyXR is released and as one of the first DIY augmented and virtual reality platform instantly becomes a hit with customers.

2018: 3 partners acquire Unity Studios

Mads, Sune, and Thomas take over ownership of Unity Studios and begin the early stages of what will become SynergyXR.

2016: Unity Studios shifts from gaming to business

Mads takes over as CEO of Unity Studios and shifts focus from developing games to creating XR solutions for businesses.

2008: Unity Studios is born

The founders of Unity Technologies create Unity Studios to design and develop games for the Unity platform.

35 XR

We’re a team of 35 of the world’s best XR designers, developers, and experts who’ve been building transformative, award-winning XR solutions for recognized brands for more than a decade.


We have more than a decade of experience building award-winning XR solutions for industry leaders like Procter and Gamble, Total Energy, Maersk Training, and Microsoft.


Our technology is among the most advanced in the world, as evidenced by our awards and official partnerships, and is fueled by a world-class developer team.


We’ve been helping some of the world’s biggest brands – across many industries – grow their businesses with extended realities for more than a decade.

Microsoft Mixed Reality partner

We’re among only a handful of companies worldwide that can call themselves Certified Microsoft Mixed Reality Partners. In fact, we were the first Certified Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner in all of  Europe and until recently, the only one in Scandinavia.

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Mads TroelsgaardCEO | Co-founder

Mads is a Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of SynergyXR. He’s regarded as one of the world’s most experienced XR executives and a prolific thought leader who eagerly shares his message on stages, publications, and other media outlets across the globe.  

Fun fact: Mads used to work in the film industry.

Sune Wolff, PhD
CTO | Co-founder

Sune is a Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of SynergyXR. As the technical mastermind behind SynergyXR, he’s overseen the design and development since day one. Sune also spends his time sharing expertise on the technological advancements within XR and how businesses and communities can utilize them. 

Fun fact: Sune holds an Industrial PhD in Software Engineering.

Thomas Fenger
CXO | Co-founder

Thomas is a Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of SynergyXR. He heads up the custom solutions team and oversees all of our customized XR solutions. With a background as an experience designer, Thomas is the go-to person for helping customers build interactive XR applications.  

Fun fact: Thomas used to be an architect.

Jakob Soderberg

Jakob (Jake) is the Chief Revenue Officer of SynergyXR. He is obsessed with discussing the value XR technology offers to our customers. Since his first real job back in 1994 as employee #3 in a small tech start-up, he has worked with international B2B enterprise sales. He also worked with Danish tech startups in Silicon Valley and brings his experience into play every single day.

Fun fact: Jake likes to run in bare feet.