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Download SynergyXR for free across multiple devices and unlock powerful ways to communicate, connect and collaborate in augmented and virtual reality.

SynergyXR for AR (iPhone and iPad)

Share designs or products with colleagues and customers in AR using nothing more than your mobile or tablet.

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SynergyXR for VR (Oculus)

Hold memorable meetings in virtual reality and bring your products to life anywhere, anytime – no matter where you are in the world. 

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SynergyXR for MR (HoloLens)

Provide remote support through live voice and video streaming and keep your machines up-and-running without having to travel.


SynergyXR for PC

Collaborate with colleagues from the comfort of your computer and provide remote expert support to frontline workers.

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SynergyXR Manager

Upload and manage your content in the enterprise-grade cloud for easy access across AR, VR, MR and PC platforms.

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