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Invite others to your Corporate Metaverse

As you may have realized by now, it can be perfectly engaging to build and build on your own until you’ve created an entire digital empire, but it’s a lot more rewarding to share your creations with others!  

That’s why we encourage you to bring friends and colleagues into your Corporate Metaverse and let them participate in the unique experience that you’ve built. We’ll show you how to do just that.

User roles you should be familiar with


When managing a workspace, it is the admin who gatekeeps access to it. With the ability to fully interact with the platform, an admin can lock objects in place and avoid disruptions to the interior design of the space.


An author denotes a user with the ability to upload and interact with objects, images and videos within SynergyXR. However, as an author, you are not able to manage who is denied or granted access to a workspace. It’s therefore ideal to designate people as authors for collaborative projects.


This denotes anyone you wish to invite into your workspace without the permission to upload or delete content from the platform. They can only manipulate objects that either an admin or author has already unlocked.