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Charting new waters with PGS

PGS sets sail with their own VR training revolution. Virtual Reality is redefining their training in offshore seismic exploration.

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In an industry where precision and safety are paramount, PGS, a global leader in seismic exploration, is charting uncharted waters. The latest episode of SynergyXR Talks delves into PGS’s pioneering journey into Virtual Reality (VR) training. This venture enhances operational efficiency and sets a new environmental sustainability and cost savings standard.

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A sea of challenges and traditional training costs

PGS faced the colossal task of training its crew for the intricate work aboard seismic vessels — a process fraught with high costs, safety risks, and a significant environmental footprint. Traditional training methods, while effective, struggled to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application without incurring substantial expenses or compromising on safety.


PGS’s leap into VR training

In an innovative collaboration with SynergyXR, PGS embarked on a digital transformation journey, utilizing VR to create a comprehensive digital twin of their Titan class vessel’s deck. This immersive platform enabled crew members to practice and perfect their skills in a risk-free environment, effectively bringing the high seas into the high-tech realm of VR.

Virtual Reality isn't just transforming how we train; it's redefining our approach to operational excellence and environmental responsibility.

Eirik Østenvik  |  Head of Special Projects at PGS

The tangible benefits of VR training for PGS

The switch to VR training proved to be a tidal wave of success, with PGS seeing significant operational benefits:

Cost efficiency

Reduced environmental impact and substantial savings on travel and training days, by eliminating 50 days of conventional training.

Safety and preparedness

Enhanced training safety and operational readiness without the risk of real-world errors.

Environmental impact

A substantial reduction in the carbon footprint associated with traditional training travel.

This journey with SynergyXR has not only shown us the potential of VR in training but also paved the way for future innovations in the seismic industry.
Eirik Østenvik | Head of Special Projects at PGS

PGS revolutionizes offshore training with VRCustomer Success Story

Discover how PGS is setting new standards in seismic exploration training, diving deep into the virtual world to enhance safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.