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SynergyXR 2.7:
a new dimension of collaboration and training

Experience the next level in virtual collaboration & training. A more personalized, intuitive, & efficient interaction in spatial computing.

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SynergyXR 2.7 release highlights

Here’s some highlights what we’ve packed inside the latest version of SynergyXR: 

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Personalised Avatars
  • Planned sessions
  • PICO support

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of SynergyXR 2.7, our latest version that’s set to redefine the boundaries of virtual collaboration and immersive training.

At SynergyXR, we believe in breaking down the barriers of distance and complexity. With SynergyXR 2.7, we’re taking this belief to the next level. We’ve packed this update with features that are all about making your virtual interactions more realistic, efficient, and personalized.

What’s new in SynergyXR 2.7?

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Safety-first, also in the Corporate Metaverse. Equipping avatars with safety gear such as hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, and more is now possible. To help all users equip the relevant safety gear before embarking on a training course, the equipment can be integrated into Procedures ensuring that all participants comply with safety regulations when participating in virtual training. You can also create branded PPE equipment to match your company branding and logo.


The avatar configurator has undergone a complete overhaul, offering extensive customization options. Now, you can create a digital version of yourself with over 4 million unique combinations. Whether it’s your hairstyle or the safety gear you wear, your avatar can truly represent you in the virtual space.


Planning your virtual sessions has never been easier, with our new advanced planning tools. Planned sessions allow you to organize and synchronize your virtual meetings or collaborative training sessions effortlessly. Plan sessions ahead of time, and ensure that all participants end up in the correct Space at the right time and date. Eliminate any confusion, as users are automatically guided to relevant planned Sessions in-app, so no one gets lost in the endless space of the Corporate Metaverse.

Expanded device support with PICO

Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. That’s why SynergyXR 2.7 is now compatible with PICO stand-alone VR headsets (PICO Neo3 Pro/Pro Eye; PICO 4; and PICO 4 Enterprise), offering a consistent experience across all supported devices, and widening our support for different devices. This means more accessibility and smoother experiences for all our users. Installation is possible through the Pico Business Store, Consumer Store, ManageXR Instant App, or the SynergyXR download page.

Join us on this exciting journey

We can’t wait for you to experience SynergyXR 2.7. We believe this update will transform the way you work, train, and collaborate. So, dive in and see for yourself how SynergyXR 2.7 is shaping the future of work.

Let’s embrace the future, together.

For a deep dive into the myriad of improvements, explore the full release notes below.

Try the New Technical Training Demo

Want to experience virtual technical training for yourself? Jump into this free demo experience and learn how to assemble steel beams for a new construction project. Through visual, written, and voice step-by-step guidance, you’ll understand the processes and tools involved in drilling, bolting, and assembling steel beams.

SynergyXR 2.7 – Technical Release Notes

Book a 30-minute meeting

  • Users without previous SynergyXR experience can now sign up for a free trial 
  • A completely new Organization and Workspace is automatically being created, making the user the first admin, ready to invite colleagues 
  • The free trial is limited to 6 users for 7 days 

Planned Sessions

  • Authors and Admins can now plan a session from the Web Manager through the new “Sessions” tab
  • An overview of existing planned Sessions is shown, with the option to filter out sessions planned in the past, and sort by Session name or date
  • Planned Sessions can be deleted from this list if they are no longer relevant
  • Planned Sessions can be edited from this list in case corrections are needed
  • Authors and Admins can also Plan a new Session
    • The Session must be given a name
    • A start and end date must be specified
    • A start and end time must be specified
      • If changing the start time, the end time will be adjusted to maintain the same Session duration as originally specified
      • If changing the end time, the duration of the Session is changed
      • The end date and time cannot be changed to happen before the start date and time
    • Participants can be added to the Session.
      • Participants must already have access to the Workspace.
      • When starting to write username and/or e-mail address autocomplete suggestions are shown
    • A Space must be specified
      • Only existing Saved Spaces can be chosen
      • When starting to write Space name, autocomplete suggestions are shown
    • All participants will receive an e-mail with information about the planned Session
      • The e-mail also contains an iCal attachment allowing participants to import the Session into their digital calendar
    • When starting SynergyXR, users who have an upcoming planned Session are notified
      • 15 minutes before a planned Session starts, users are notified with a pop-up
      • Clicking the “Explore Sessions” takes the user to the “Planned Sessions” overview. Active meetings are clearly marked in blue, while Sessions planned for the future are shown as normal sessions showing the planned date and time
    • Users can always navigate to the “Planned Sessions” overview from the main menu, by selecting “Join” and then the “Planned” tab
      • Only Planned Sessions the user is invited to or have planned themselves are shown
      • It is also possible to start a Session planned for the future (more than 15 minutes ahead of time). Doing so, will show a small pop-up explaining the user that the Session is planned for the future
      • In the “Active” tab, planned Sessions that are currently live are also shown for easy access
    • All invited users joining the planned Session will, of course, end up in the same Space in the same Session.

Avatar Configurator

  • The avatar configurator has been completely reworked
  • Users can now freely select between:
    • 24 heads with a choice of skin tones
    • 7 eye color
    • 36 haircuts (or bald)
    • 5 beards (or none)
    • 15 different “stubble” beard and hair
    • Practically unlimited different hair colors
    • 18 shirts
    • 6 glasses (or none)
  • More than 60 million combinations not counting hair color and skin tones
  • First time using SynergyXR after updating to version 2.7, all users are automatically taken through the avatar creation process
  • Users can always access the avatar configurator through options in the main menu
  • In VR, when users look down at their avatar body, he/she can see the shirt they are wearing
  • It is possible to expand the available avatar options to cater to your specific needs, e.g. custom company shirt – reach out to hear more

Avatar Personal Protection Equipment

  • Users can now add safety equipment to their avatar during a Session
  • The Equipment menu can be accessed from the wrist-menu, under “User” in the “Equipment” sub-menu
  • Users can select between different options of “Personal Protection Equipment” (PPE), including hardhats; safety glasses; protection gloves; hearing protection; climbing harness; high-visibility vest; offshore survival suits; and safety shoes
  • The chosen equipment is shown on the user avatar, with the following exceptions:
    • Gloves are only shown on VR avatars, and on iOS users in AR Sessions
    • Boots are never shown on avatars
  • In VR, when users look down at their avatar body, he/she can see the PPE they are wearing
  • It is possible to expand the available equipment to cater to your specific needs, e.g. safety equipment with company logo – reach out to hear more

PPE Integration in Procedures

  • It is now possible to integrate the use of PPE in Procedures
  • When starting a Procedure, all PPE manually assigned to avatars through the Equipment menu is automatically removed
    • The Equipment menu is disabled during Procedures to ensure users are not trying to complete steps through this menu, but interact with the PPE available in the Procedure
  • Users can be instructed to equip PPE that is visibly available in the Procedure
  • When completing a step (e.g. picking up a hardhat and equipping this) the step is completed for all users in the Session, resulting in all users wearing the hardhat
  • Any late-joining users are automatically equipped with the same PPE as their colleagues in case they arrived late for the PPE step

Active Object Menu

  • In previous versions, when selecting an object in the Session a small menu appeared in the top-right corner of the bounding box encircling the object – this is called the “Active Object Menu”
  • Especially with large objects, or objects far away from the user, it could be hard to interact with this menu
  • We have completely reworked the Active Object Menu
  • On PC, Mac, and iOS devices, the menu now appears in the bottom-middle of the screen for easy access
  • In VR, a small button appears in the far lower part of the visible area. Clicking this button, spawns the Active Object Menu in front of the user
    • VR users can freely grab the Active Object Menu and move it around or leave it hanging in the air.
  • If de-selecting the object, the Active Object Menu automatically disappears
  • If selecting another object, the Active Object Menu switches focus to this new object instead
  • If teleporting, the Active Object Menu will automatically collapse to its small initial state
  • You can still access all the same functionality as previously, including:
    • Lock/unlock object
    • Duplicate object
    • Reset scale and rotation of object
    • Access information panel about the object
    • Access the model layers of complex 3D models
    • Delete the object
    • In addition, the name of the object is now shown on top of the Active Object Menu

Support for Pico Stand-Alone VR Headsets

  • SynergyXR now supports the following headsets from PICO:
    • PICO Neo3 Pro/Pro Eye
    • PICO 4 Enterprise
  • Users should expect the same experience on these devices as on any other supported stand-alone VR device
  • SynergyXR can be installed through one of multiple means:

Web Manager – Content scaling

  • In case 3D objects does not have appropriate dimensions, users can now scale these 3D objects uniformly when uploading or editing in the Web Manager
  • A visual preview is shown to give the user a sense of scale
  • Approximate numeric height and diagonal dimensions are also shown to the user

Other Improvements

  • The buttons for “Lock all” and “Unlock all” objects in the Space have been moved from the wrist menu to the “Content List”
  • Enable rapid teleport using spacebar on PC
  • Improved loading of large training Procedures. This will happen smoother, and avoid issues with memory fragmentation
  • Many other minor improvements and adjustments