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SynergyXR & HTC VIVE: Pioneering the Future of XR

The exciting integration of HTC VIVE XR headsets into SynergyXR is a significant leap toward democratizing XR access for all enterprise companies.

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Transforming XR Access with HTC VIVE Integration

At SynergyXR, our mission is to lead the XR revolution, enabling companies to harness the full potential of extended reality technologies. Our latest milestone? The exciting integration of HTC VIVE XR headsets into our platform. This strategic move not only widens our horizons but also marks a significant leap towards democratizing XR access.

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Dive deeper into this groundbreaking development with our exclusive video interview. Discover firsthand insights from our CTO and co-founder, Sune Wolff, as he discusses the nuances and triumphs of this integration. This is not just a glimpse into our journey but a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in the XR space.


It’s a Blend of Innovation and Customer Needs. Our choice to integrate HTC’s cutting-edge XR headsets, like the Vive Focus 3 and XR Elite, stems from our commitment to customer-centric innovation. HTC’s headsets are not just advanced but modular, allowing for features like eye and facial tracking to be added, expanding their capabilities. This aligns perfectly with our vision to cover all major XR platforms, making SynergyXR universally accessible and inclusive.

Overcoming challenges, embracing diversity

We recognize the diverse preferences and requirements of our clients. Some companies have brand preferences or face regional restrictions that limit their hardware options. The HTC VIVE integration came as a solution, notably in cases like in Mainland China, where our implementation with HTC headsets can resolve compatibility issues, offering seamless and effective XR experiences.

We are very customer-centric. We listen to what our customers need. We’ve had several specific requests for HTC support, so we are very happy to be able to offer that now.
Sune Wolff | CTO and Co-Founder of SynergyXR

Effortless Integration: A Testimony to Synergy and Technology

The integration of HTC VIVE into the SynergyXR ecosystem was surprisingly swift and smooth, thanks to HTC’s WaveXR software development kit. This SDK, compatible with the Unity XR plugin system, facilitated a rapid and seamless integration process. Adding to this, HTC’s Android-based headsets allow for efficient development, with features like Direct Preview accelerating our development cycles.

A Vision of Inclusivity and Excellence

Our goal at SynergyXR is clear: to be the leading XR platform that empowers companies to leverage XR technologies effectively. The HTC VIVE integration is a pivotal step in this journey, promoting device-agnostic solutions and ensuring that SynergyXR remains at the forefront of the XR revolution.

We want to be the leading XR platform, enabling companies to take advantage of XR technologies. This integration as an important step in achieving that goal.

Sune Wolff  |  CTO & Co-Founder of SynergyXR