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Spearheading the XR training revolution at Industrial Immersive Week '24

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Maersk Training showcased the groundbreaking potential of Extended Reality (XR) technology in revolutionizing the training and development sectors for offshore, maritime, and energy sectors at the recent Industrial Immersive Week event in Houston, Texas. The session, under the watchful eye of SynergyXR CEO Mads Troelsgaard, alongside Per Larsen, Head of Innovation at Maersk Training, illuminated the path forward for enterprises seeking to harness the power of XR to enhance practical skills and ensure safety in the workplace.


Empowering enterprises with scalable XR platforms

SynergyXR is at the forefront of the scalable no-code XR revolution, democratizing access to AR and VR technologies for companies across industries. This innovative approach allows domain experts to create impactful XR content without needing to delve into coding, thereby accelerating the adoption and integration of XR in training programs.


Watch the full session below 👇 

Fostering practical skills beyond compliance

The collaboration between SynergyXR and Maersk Training underscores a shared vision of training that transcends compliance, focusing instead on imparting durable, practical skills. For over three decades, Maersk Training has leveraged immersive environments to achieve this goal, and now, with XR technology, the possibilities have expanded exponentially.

The transformative impact of XR on learning

One of the session’s highlights was the discussion on the effectiveness of XR in enhancing learning retention rates. Compared to traditional methods, XR offers a more engaging and focused learning experience, reducing cognitive load and fostering hands-on learning. This not only improves the quality of training but also significantly reduces the time and costs associated with reaching competence levels.


Faster completion of training, compared to their classroom counterparts.


Enhanced focus compared to e-learners, demonstrating the captivating nature of VR learning.

Looking ahead: The future of training with XR

The future of XR in training is bright, with SynergyXR and Maersk Training exploring new frontiers in self-paced and remote instruction. The goal is to make training more accessible, personalized, and integrated into daily workflows, breaking down geographical and logistical barriers. The partnership is also keen on scaling XR training, making it as simple for instructors to create XR content as it is to design a PowerPoint presentation.

"For over 30 years, we've pushed the boundaries of immersive training. With XR, we're turning the impossible into reality, transforming how we prepare our workforce for tomorrow's challenges."

Per Larsen  |  Head of Innovation at Maersk Training

A call to action for easier, more accessible XR technologies

A key takeaway from the Industrial Immersive Week event is the critical need for XR technologies to be user-friendly and more accessible. “If it’s not easy, it will never succeed,” Mads Troelsgaard remarked, highlighting SynergyXR’s commitment to developing intuitive platforms that empower users to create and engage with content effortlessly.


The future is now

The XR revolution in training is not just on the horizon; it’s already here, reshaping how we think about and engage with learning. Through innovative scalable platforms like SynergyXR, companies can now unlock the full potential of XR to create more engaging, efficient, and impactful training experiences. Stay tuned to SynergyXR for the latest updates and developments as we continue to innovate and lead in the XR training space.