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SynergyXR ready for global growth with new investors

Danish Metaverse and XR-technology developer, SynergyXR, is ready for global growth with a strong investor team consisting of local and international investors. With a USD $3 million investment, SynergyXR is in position to make the Metaverse mainstream for companies worldwide.


The Metaverse has been the talk of the town since Zuckerberg brought it to the forefront in late 2021. For the team behind SynergyXR, however, this was old news. They have specialized in the technology for over 10 years. 

From Denmark and the Nordics to the rest of the world 

SynergyXR has provided knowledge and software to several of the world’s largest tech companies such as Facebook (now Meta) and Microsoft. And with a $3 million USD investment from several Danish and international investors, the company is now ready to take its XR technology and Metaverse platform to the rest of the world. 

“We are extremely pleased to have these amazing partners onboard. We have gained a great network and strong competencies, which together with the investment will help us meet our very ambitious goal of increasing our platform revenue sevenfold in just two years”, says Mads Troelsgaard, CEO & Co-Founder at SynergyXR.

We believe the timing is right to invest in Augmented and Virtual Reality in the workplace, and we believe the founders of SynergyXR have what it takes to succeed. Not only does their technology allow companies to train, onboard and communicate safely and effectively in ways not available before, their enthusiasm and business acumen is second to none, says
Seto, Partner from Finnish lead investor Innovestor Ventures

“Denmark is renowned for its digital prowess, including AR and VR-technology. We are convinced that the technology is maturing fast – and that we soon will see it come into its own. AR and VR have long been promising technologies, and at Vækstfonden we have no doubt that SynergyXR’s platform will help take them to the next level”, says Jesper Lilledal, Partner in Vækstfonden’s department for direct investment.

80% of companies will be in the Corporate Metaverse 

Despite the metaverse being relatively new to many companies, Martin Lumbye, CEO at North-East Ventures predicts that 80% of companies will be present in the so-called Corporate Metaverse within 10 years. He states: 

“You can compare it to the early days of the Internet. At first, it took time to really get going, but today it’s essential for all companies. We believe the same will happen with the Metaverse, and in our search for the most talented Corporate Metaverse developers in the world, we found the best at SynergyXR in Aarhus”. 

His prediction is strengthened by companies increasingly looking for more climate-friendly solutions and a way to bring people together from across the world through technology. AURA Ventures adds: 

“AURA Ventures invests in technology that will create a sustainable future and bring us all closer together. We expect the energy sector will strongly benefit from XR-technology, since it will be critical for the Internet of the future as well as the green-energy transition. For this purpose, SynergyXR has the right platform and the right team to become a global success”, says Carsten Höegh Christiansen, CEO at AURA

For more information and press inquiries 

For more information, interview requests, and general press inquiries,
please contact Corey Morris, CMO, SynergyXR

+45 29 65 02 82 or 

Key facts and figures 

  • SynergyXR specializes in XR-technology for the Corporate Metaverse
  • SynergyXR’s goal is to increase its platform revenue sevenfold in just two years 
  • The total investment equals USD $3 million or approximately DKK 20 million
  • The lead investor in the team of investors is Finnish Innovestor Ventures
  • The Danish investors are AURA Ventures, VF Ventures, and North-East Ventures