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SynergyXR secure €2M investment

A targeted investment to lead XR-driven industrial transformation aims to position SynergyXR as a preferred XR and spatial computing software provider to industrial companies in Europe and the United States.

SynergyXR Secures €2 Million Investment to revolutionize industrial XR solutions

In a landmark move poised to redefine the landscape of extended reality (XR) in industrial settings, SynergyXR has successfully secured a €2 million investment. Spearheaded by Finnish venture capital firm Kvanted, alongside contributions from existing investors, this strategic infusion of funds marks a significant milestone in SynergyXR’s journey towards accelerating digital transformation across the manufacturing and production sectors in Europe and the US.

Harnessing the Power of XR for Industrial Innovation

At its core, SynergyXR is pioneering the integration of XR and spatial computing technologies to forge new paradigms in industrial operations. This investment underscores a shared vision of leveraging cutting-edge XR solutions to enhance operational efficiency, employee safety, and training methodologies. By doing so, SynergyXR is not just innovating within the realm of digital transformation but is setting new standards for how industries can navigate and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Driving transformation with innovative XR tech

Kvanted specializes in investments in companies and scaleups that improve and disrupt the industrial value chain and shape society for the better, and SynergyXR fits perfectly into this category.

“We’re thrilled to fuel the fire of innovation by partnering with pioneers who redefine the boundaries of software and hardware. SynergyXR isn’t just creating technology; they’re crafting the future of industrial digital transformation. Their proven software solution promises to revolutionize manufacturing and processing industries, offering unparalleled opportunities for employee development and process enhancement. This is the kind of tangible, transformative value we’re excited to support,” enthuses Eerik Paasikivi, Founding Partner from Kvanted, highlighting the strategic alignment and high expectations from this collaboration.

About Kvanted

Kvanted is an early-stage investor with a unique focus on industrial technology. Founded and headquartered in Helsinki, Kvanted invests in Northern European early-stage companies building new software and hardware solutions to disrupt the industrial value chain and shape society for the better. Kvanted’s investment philosophy is rooted in accelerating industrial decarbonization and digital transformation. With their first fund of €70 million, raised in 2023, Kvanted is the first pure-play industrial technology investor in the Nordic region. The founding partners of Kvanted are Eerik Paasikivi, Maria Wasastjerna, and Axel Ahlström.

A Catalyst for Growth and Expansion

The €2 million investment is more than a financial boost; it’s a vote of confidence in SynergyXR’s proven technology and its potential to drive significant advancements in industrial processes. With this capital, SynergyXR is poised to expand its footprint, targeting ambitious growth in Northern Europe and the United States. The focus is clear: to solidify its position as a leader in the XR space and to provide industrial companies with the tools they need to stay ahead in the digital age.

Proven technology attracts investors and market interest

Digital transformation is important because it allows organizations to adapt to ever-changing rules and regulations, as well as continually helping organizations improve and innovate.

More importantly, it is a competitive advantage, according to SynergyXR CEO Mads Troelsgaard. Likewise, he argues that the company’s industry-proven technology is a competitive advantage:

“In today’s dynamic digital landscape, transformation is not just about staying relevant; it is about seizing the lead with technology that’s already proven its worth. Despite a tightening investment climate, our ability to not only retain our trusted investors but also welcome Kvanted into our circle is a testament to our vision’s strength and our technology’s impact. This partnership marks a pivotal step towards accelerating our growth across the Nordics and the UK – and Europe and the US, as well – setting new benchmarks for success in our industry.”

Looking Ahead: SynergyXR’s Vision for the Future

As SynergyXR embarks on this exciting phase of growth and innovation, the future looks promising. With a robust platform and a clear strategy, the company is well on its way to transforming the way industries operate, harnessing the power of XR to create safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced working environments.

This investment not only highlights the potential of XR technology in industrial applications but also signals a broader shift towards embracing digital solutions for complex challenges. As SynergyXR continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, it stands as a beacon of innovation, driving the digital transformation of industries toward a brighter, more efficient future.

Facts and figures

  • The total investment equals €2 million or approximately DKK 15 million.
  • Lead investor is Finnish industrial technology-VC Kvanted.
  • SynergyXR’s goal is to secure significant topline and bottom-line growth.
  • XR (Extended Reality) is a broad umbrella term that encompasses spatial computing technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).