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Digital Transformation with XR

Step into the future today. Uncover a realm where digital transformation takes flight, all through the power of Extended Reality (XR). See real-world applications come alive and unlock experiences that will redefine how you do business.

Begin your XR journey

Welcome to the XR Workshop

Welcome to the Future: Your XR Workshop Awaits. Dive right in as we unravel the secrets of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. Expert-led sessions will show you how XR is a game-changer for digital transformation in diverse industries.

Get hands-on with revolutionary tools and immersive activities. Explore real-world XR applications, from mastering technical skills to creating your own virtual showroom. Your journey into the extraordinary starts right here, right now!

Hands-on experience

XR hardware guide

Real-world applications

One-day workshop

What does the workshop include

  • One-day workshop
  • Live & in-person: Our XR experts will come to your location*
  • 5 – 10 active participants
  • 3 – 5 VR headsets, iPad, iPhone, and Laptop 
  • How-to guide for the controllers and hardware
  • Try and experience VR first-hand
  • Guided tour of XR environments
  • Showcase of relevant use cases
  • 3D scanning live demonstration + AR mode walk-through
  • Create your own XR experience
  • Open discussion and Q&A

Total cost of the workshop: 4990€

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*excluding travel, accommodation, and expenses

XR Benefits: Boosting Digital Transformation

Expert Talks: Custom Insights for Digital Transformation

Connect with experienced XR professionals for personalized discussions and get your questions answered.

Elevate Team Events: Add a Spark of XR Excitement

Transform your upcoming team event into an enjoyable experience by incorporating XR technology and activities.

Unlock Hidden Potential: XR Use Cases for Business Value

Discover innovative ways to optimize your business operations and explore various practical applications through XR solutions.

Risk-Free Discovery: Your Safe Passage into XR

Immerse yourself in the world of XR technology without any obligations, providing you with the chance to explore its potential.

Future-Proof Your Business: Explore XR Technologies

Gain comprehensive knowledge about XR technologies, enabling you to make well-informed decisions based on a solid understanding.

With SynergyXR, it's not just tech exploration; it's the inspiration to limitless immersive possibilities.

Christian Carlsson  |  XR Lead Consultant

Elevate Your Team Events with a Splash of XR Magic

Tired of the usual team events? Spice things up with XR! Dive into fun-filled activities and watch your team bond like never before. It’s not just an event; it’s an experience they’ll talk about for years.

Find New Ways to Boost Your Business with XR

Why stick to the norm when XR offers a world of possibilities? From streamlining operations to unveiling unique use cases, explore how XR can redefine your business landscape. It’s innovation at your fingertips.

Dip Your Toes into the Exciting World of XR, Commitment-Free

Curious about XR but not ready for a full plunge? No worries. Our workshop lets you test the waters, discover the magic, and see what fits. No strings, just pure exploration.

Dive Deep into XR: Make Choices with Confidence

Knowledge is power. Equip yourself with a deep dive into XR tech. By the end, you’ll not only understand the buzz but also make choices rooted in clarity. Because informed decisions are the best decisions.

Our XR workshop at SynergyXR is designed to foster limitless possibilities and empower engagement all the way!

Jakob Søderberg  |  Chief Revenue Officer