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Read stories, articles, editorials, and columns about SynergyXR that have been featured in national and local media.

Virtual tools can create shortcuts in production

SynergyXR helps companies such as Grundfos and Novo Nordisk with shortcuts to complex and heavy production processes

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The future is already here: This is how Grundfos is heading into the meta-verse with VR glasses on

The vision of meeting in a 3D world - the meta-verse - is already becoming a reality in the workplace. At Grundfos, several successful attempts have now led to a greater investment in virtual reality next year.

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The meta-verse is more than virtual meeting rooms and fun avatars

Facebook (now Meta), Apple, and Microsoft are all talking about the internet of the future also known as The Metaverse. The vision is one big virtual universe, where everyone is connected to everyone and it is especially something companies can be the first to benefit from, writes Sune Wolff, CTO at SynergyXR

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Online meetings under corona give tailwind to Aarhus tech company

The Aarhus-based technology company SynergyXR has high expectations for 2021 after a 2020 with great growth in both employees, customers, and investments. Based on this, the company expects an increase in monthly turnover of almost 500 percent. from January to December.

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SynergyXR points to the most important trends in Extended Reality

SynergyXR is the largest in Denmark when it comes to the use of Extended Reality in companies. They have also noticed this abroad. Therefore, SynergyXR was invited to Silicon Valley to speak at this year's largest conference in the industry.

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Now the country's largest companies are working with virtual reality: Million rain over Unity spin off

SynergyXR (formerly Unity Studios), which deals with virtual solutions for business, has closed its first round of investment with millions

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