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Virtual showrooms let you do more with less

Attending trade fairs can eat up more than 30% of your marketing budget when you account for floor fees, stand costs, shipping expenses, and staffing. Let’s talk about how virtual showrooms drastically reduce costs and still give you:

  • Unlimited space for your equipment
  • Increased foot traffic and leads
  • Multiple showrooms for each product
Use only half the space

With VR, you don't need that big stand

Wow your customers

Lets people interact with your products

Double your leads

VR gets more people to your stand

A trusted virtual showroom provider for

SynergyXR's virtual platform is a powerful way of showingcasing our products at trade fairs.

Anders C. Anderson  |  CEO at MAKEEN Energy

Why your trade fair booth sucks and how to fix it

Dive into the nitty gritty of trade fair exhibitions and understand why the conventional ways aren’t working for global manufacturing companies like yours.

Discover the easiest way to build your own virtual showroom

Join the SynergyXR experts in this webinar and come behind the scenes of our industry-defining platform to see how you can use it to build your virtual showroom.