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Give customers a memorable experience

SynergyXR lets you create jaw-dropping tradeshow experiences and elevate your showrooms like never before.

Wow customers

Communicate faster

Save time and money

Travel less

The future of marketing and branding is in the Corporate Metaverse

Why be limited to expensive exhibition spaces and high-street real estate when you can instantly transport your customers to a limitless virtual world and showcase your products in a lifelike environment?

With the push of a button, you can quickly use SynergyXR to create your own virtual product showroom and invite customers from all over the world to see your products without having to travel.

And think of the time and money you can save by not having to ship heavy equipment and personnel to every single tradeshow. Now you don’t have to buy that large exhibition space and can use the savings to give your customers a better experience and attention they deserve.

The fact that you can put on (VR) goggles or use your phone to maneuver around our demonstration plant is a clear step up from the norm.

Anders C. Anderson  |  CEO at MAKEEN Energy

How MAKEEN Energy is improving trade fairs with virtual showrooms

It’s costly to ship industrial equipment to trade fairs around the world, but MAKEEN Energy has discovered a more efficient way of bringing its products to the customer.