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Discover the future of mobility

Understanding the intricate components and advanced technologies behind Electric Vehicles (EVs) is crucial in today’s fast-evolving automotive landscape. By leveraging virtual reality, learners can explore the mechanics of EVs in detail—from batteries to electric motors—gaining a comprehensive understanding of what powers these sustainable vehicles.

Multi-user sessions

Invite others to share the experience

Standardized procedures

Implement step-by-step protocols

Interactive experiences

Tilt and turn complex 3D models

Experience EV technology up-close

Immerse yourself in the world of electric vehicles with our interactive learning module.

Experience the innovation behind EV technology as you navigate through various components, such as the charging system and battery pack. This hands-on approach not only educates but also excites learners about the future of transportation.

Whether it’s an EV assembly procedure or collaborating on a 3D model, sharing product knowledge and know-how in VR enables a deeper understanding of products where you can convey features and benefits more convincingly.

Importing 3D models to a VR environment allows users to visualize, tilt, and turn them, leading to a better comprehension of complex objects.

Jan Dalsgaard  |  Vice President, IT at Baettr