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The essential building blocks
to the Corporate Metaverse

  • AR, VR, and MR in one solution.
  • Virtual environments for every need.
  • 3D content packages to get started.
  • Manager tool for quick uploads.
  • Multi-user experience for up to 25 users.
  • Intuitive tools that let you build fast.
  • Works on Oculus, HTC, iOS, PC, and Mac.
  • Onboarding, support, and pro services.

Ready to use virtual environments

Production floor

Choose between a compact 20x20m area for small assembly lines or a vast 60x40m space for factory-wide training.

Industrial warehouse

A versatile 36x40m industrial space, ideal for product displays, warehousing, and light industry training purposes.

The white room

Our most streamlined and clean environment that lets your products and services take center stage during demos, reviews, etc.

Hillside lounge

A high-end space designed for showcasing products, hosting meetings, or presenting new ideas to your most valued stakeholders.

Display hall

Ideal for showcasing product lines along the spacious hall, the panorama windows bring in light and brighten the experience.

Exhibition gallery

A massive, high-ceiling space spread across 2 floor levels that lets you bring together your entire product portfolio for a 360 overview.

All-hands auditorium

The perfect area for gathering large groups for things like company presentations, product announcements and virtual events.

3D content packages to get started fast and easy

Exhibition items

A wide range of podiums, stands, dividers, bulletin boards, and more to help you create the foundation for showcasing your products and services.

Interior & decor assets

A curated selection of chairs, tables, lamps, and plants that let you design inviting and cozy spaces that mimic your real-world environments.

Industry specific content

An assortment of industry-specific objects like wind turbines, power supplies, and wheel loaders that give you a head start when building your experience.

Easy to use manager tool to quickly upload and organize content

Upload and manage your content in the enterprise-grade cloud for easy access across AR, VR, MR, and computer platforms.

  • Upload 3D models across formats
  • Add images, documents, and videos
  • Access with AR, VR, MR, and computer

Intuitive interfaces to make work easier and more efficient

Use thumbnails to see content previews and the wrist-based toolbar to find, select and interact with content fast.

  • Access menu with the flick of a wrist
  • Preview content with thumbnails
  • Hover over to get quick tool tips

Tools that let you build fast with accuracy

Move and rotate

Take control with the movement and rotation function that lets you interact with objects at a distance and up close to get the perfect look.

Scale up or down

Make objects bigger or smaller by simply grabbing the corner and stretching or pulling the object until you get the perfect size.

Place with precision

Put things exactly where you want them by using the precision tool that gives you added accuracy to get the perfect placement.

Duplicate objects

Create fast duplicates of objects by pressing the duplicate tool that’s built into all content and work faster to get the perfect amount.

Add a web browser

Connect to the Internet and bridge your digital ecosystem by adding a web browser that lets you deliver the perfect experience.

All XR applications in one unified platform

The only enterprise XR platform in the world that integrates AR, VR, and MR into a single solution.

Augmented Reality application

An AR app that lets you share designs or products with colleagues and customers in AR using nothing more than your mobile or tablet.

Mixed Reality application

An MR solution to provide remote support through live voice and video streaming and keep your machines up and running without having to travel.

Virtual Reality application

A VR engine to deliver memorable experiences and bring your products to life anywhere, anytime – no matter where you are in the world.

A platform optimized for all leading XR devices

We built SynergyXR to work across all the leading XR devices like Oculus Quest 2 and Pro, HTC Vive, iOS, PC and Mac.

Meta Quest 2 & Pro

The most sold virtual reality headset available today. Used with SynergyXR’s VR application.

iOS iPhone & iPad

Category leader with Lidar scanner abilities. Used with SynergyXR’s AR and VR applications.

PC Laptop & Desktop

The world's main operating system. Used with SynergyXR’s VR and MR applications.

A world class team of industry leading experts and designers

Not only do you get a world-class XR enterprise platform, but you also get a team of the best XR designers, developers, and thinkers on the planet.

3D models

3D optimization

Custom environments

Concept development

Strategy workshops

Custom projects