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XR Strategy Development Workshops

We know how challenging it can be to kickstart your XR journey. With our interactive workshops, you can give your leadership the insights and inspiration they need to succeed.

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It all starts with a plan

At SynergyXR, we have more than 14 years of experience helping companies create strategic plans across a wide range of Extended Reality (XR) applications. During our workshop, we’ll partner with your team to identify your business needs, help formulate a solid use case, set the right goals, and put together the right launch team.

What we’ll cover during the workshop

Our XR strategy development workshops are designed to inform and inspire positive change in your organization. For that to happen, you’ll need actionable outcomes that set you and your teams up for both short and long-term success. During our time together, we’ll handhold you through a number of processes that aim to surface the possibilities, potential, concerns, and rules that apply specifically to your organization.

Introduction to XR 

The XR space has come a long way over the last 5 years. So during the workshop, we’ll bring you up-to-speed on the latest developments, trends, and challenges. We’ll cover the space at a macro level, unpack the Metaverse, and look into where the market is headed.

Industry-specific insights

We’ll also zoom in on your specific industry and flesh out what this means for your company. Here, we’ll cover how similar businesses use XR to drive growth across the value chain and where they’re winning (and lagging).

Needs assessment 

Digging into your exact business and understanding your pain points is an essential step to working with XR. Together with your team, we’ll surface some of your challenges and identify precisely where and how XR can add value.

Getting started

We’ll help you understand how to kickstart your XR flywheel by highlighting the key steps, players, milestones, and scalable campaigns to drive employee adoption and engagement across your entire organization

Who’s it for?  

Our strategy development workshops are best suited for senior-level managers who are looking to fast-track their digital transformation. We’ll be covering high-level strategic priorities and mapping out plans that will have organization-wide impact, so it’s important to include key players who will be able to develop and lead the strategy forward.

Senior management
  • Directors
  • C-Suite executives
  • Board members
Project managers 
  • Product owners
  • IT managers
  • Project leads

Starts at €6,499

We’re happy to talk about your needs and tailor a strategy development workshop that works best for your team and timeline. Our prices include tailored consultation, workshop facilitation, industry and company research, planning, documentation, and follow-up.

Our approach to XR success

We developed a 7-step plan to guide you through every step of your XR journey. We seamlessly integrate the SynergyXR platform with strategic guidance, expert content, and implementation services to help achieve your training goals.  



Step 1 – Strategy development

Knowing how to use XR to drive measurable results is key. That’s why our experienced XR consultants partner with your team to identify your business needs, help formulate a solid business case, and guide you in putting together the right team.


Step 2 – Experience design

Translating your strategy into an actionable program can be daunting. This is where our XR consultants help you ideate, design, and customize your pilot to give you the blueprint to succeed.


Step 3 – Content creation

Our content creation team includes some of the world’s most talented 3D designers and XR interaction design experts. With their support, we’re able to help customers create engaging XR experiences that accelerate growth on a whole new level.


Step 4 – Experience setup

We work with your team to help you execute your blueprint and offer hands-on support to set up your experience with the right content and user journeys across all devices.


Step 5 – Device preparation

Our team of hardware specialists help you select the right devices, assist with procurement, and guide you all the way through the installation process with on-site support.


Steps 6 & 7 - Activation and customer support

The customer success team helps you create an activation strategy to not only bring your new programs to life but also provide continued support to ensure long-term success.