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Frequently asked questions

What is SynergyXR?

SynergyXR is a no-code, cloud platform that lets companies design, onboard, sell, and support across all XR devices without having to write a single line of code.

How does SynergyXR work?

SynergyXR is a cloud-based platform that lets users upload content (e.g. 3D models, images, docs, and videos) to the cloud and access them using a range of devices like AR, VR, MR, PC and mobile devices.

How do people use it?

There are a number of ways people use SynergyXR, including for example virtual sales meetings, product demonstrations or design reviews. Others use it to interview new hires, train soft skills or teach someone how to operate a machine. It’s also used to provide remote support when machines break or need to be serviced.

What devices does it work on?

SynergyXR works across a number of XR and non-XR devices, including Oculus, Hololens, iOS, and Windows. We'll be introducing a Mac solution as well as an Android solution soon.

What’s a workspace?

Think of a workspace as your team’s private folder. It includes, for instance, all the content you upload, the meeting sessions you record, and the virtual meeting spaces you design. It’s effectively the way you can organize your work and maintain privacy on SynergyXR.

What’s a guest user?

A guest user is someone you invite to your workspace. This can be both internal and external users who you, for example, might want to invite to a virtual meeting. You can decide how much control they have by giving them admin, author, or viewer roles.