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Experience SynergyXR like never before with version 2.2

We're introducing a massive overhaul to the platform with brand-new demo experiences, UI improvements, and full iOS support.

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SynergyXR 2.2 Release Highlights

Here’s what we’ve packed inside the latest version of SynergyXR 

  • Spectacular demo experiences that show how the platform can be used for your business 
  • Significant UI improvements that make navigating SynergyXR a more seamless experience 
  • Full platform support for iOS devices like your iPhone or iPad


It’s always been our mission to bring “XR to the people”, and we’re happy to double down on that mantra by making it even easier to get started with SynergyXR. Introducing our new demo experiences that take you from A-Z in the Corporate Metaverse and spotlight the future of work! 

Now you can sign up for a free 7-day virtual journey that lets you discover the vast opportunities for driving value in XR with our industry-tailored demo experiences and touch on everything from onboarding to sales and marketing in the Metaverse. 

We’ve also given our UI an overhaul, and with user-friendly improvements that make everything more streamlined and intuitive to navigate in SynergyXR, even completely inexperienced users will feel right at home. 

It’s equally important to us that we make the Corporate Metaverse accessible to everyone, and that’s why we’re now launching the complete SynergyXR experience for iOS mobile devices. That means working in XR is now as simple as grabbing your iPhone or iPad and collaborating with your colleagues in real-time in Virtual Reality. 

We’re proud to present this and much more in SynergyXR 2.2. 

Try our new marketing, sales, and onboarding demo experiences

Want a hands-on experience with XR? Discover the vast opportunities for driving value in XR with our industry-tailored demo experiences and touch on everything from onboarding to sales and marketing in the Metaverse.

What’s inside the latest version of SynergyXR

Optimized login flow and pre-populated environments

We’ve made it a whole lot faster for both first-time and returning users to connect with colleagues in SynergyXR. Our login flow has been noticeably optimized, and you’ll now get a visual thumbnail preview of available spaces to make sure you’re in the right place.  

And to properly showcase what you can create in SynergyXR, we now offer a selection of new pre-populated experiences in addition to the available, unfurnished environments. Choose between different themes and industries with fully decorated environments, filled with content that you can use for inspiration. These experiences will quickly give you the big picture of how the platform can be tailored to benefit your own business and industry.

Find the right content faster and easier

Designing environments in SynergyXR has never been more painless. When browsing content in-app, previews of your content catalog are now shown as small visual thumbnails, making it easy to identify and locate the content you want to place in your Metaverse.  

We also reworked the search bar function in the content browser, allowing you to quickly find the titles and tags you’re looking for in an easy-to-navigate search field. Your content can also be sorted based on its title, file size and when it was last modified, giving you additional tools to locate the correct content. 

Join Virtual Reality sessions with full iOS support 

In SynergyXR 2.2, you can now access Virtual Reality sessions from your favorite iOS device. Everything you’re accustomed to from the desktop PC experience is now available on both iPhone and iPad, allowing you to collaborate with colleagues in Virtual Reality even when you’re on the go!  

This new iOS option comes with user-friendly navigation and content interaction that are tailor-made for the touchscreen experience.  

These and many more improvements are now available in SynergyXR 2.2. Download now!

SynergyXR 2.2 – technical release notes

Sign up for a 7-day free trial directly from our homepage 

  • Users without previous SynergyXR experience can now signup for a free trial 
  • A completely new Organization and Workspace is automatically being created, making the user the first admin, ready to invite colleagues 
  • The free trial is limited to 6 users with a 7 days duration 

Reworked the user admin web portal 

  • Complete graphical overhaul of the user admin web portal 
  • Possible to search for users in a workspace using either name or e-mail 

Reworked experience for users logging in for the first time 

  • A more streamlined process where the user is gently helped through the required steps 
  • Initially the user must login 
  • If the user does not have an account, the user has the option to enroll in a 7-day free trial right then and there from within the application 
  • If the user has forgotten his/her password, the user can request a reset directly from the login menu 
  • The user is then asked to configure his/her avatar and set an avatar name 
  • The user is then being offered to enter the tutorial area to learn the ropes of SynergyXR, or to continue directly to the available sessions 
  • The system also now remembers which Workspace a user chose the last time, and automatically puts the user into this again to make it even faster and easier to get started 

Template Spaces 

  • Instead of only offering empty rooms to choose from, we have developed a few Template Spaces which are fully decorated rooms that shows what SynergyXR can be used to built 
  • When creating a new session, users can now choose between: “Empty”, “Saved”, and “Template” Spaces 
  • Once saving changes to a Template Space, a new Saved Space is created with the changes in effect – the original Template Space is still stored safe and sound ready for another use 
  • We intend to extend this functionality in the future enabling admins to create their own Templates for their own Workspace 

General change to object interaction 

  • Objects will now have to be selected before users can interact with them 
  • Only a single object can be selected at a time. If selecting a new object, any previous selected objects will get de-selected. 
  • In VR and on the HoloLens, users can still directly grab and move objects without selecting objects first 
  • When an object is not selected, all UI is hidden, including bounding box, animation scrub menu, video scrub menu, etc. 
  • This change is made to ensure a more immersive experience 
  • The change makes it easier to ensure you are about to manipulate the intended object 

SynergyXR for iOS 

  • Everything the SynergyXR PC application has to offer accessed from either iPad or iPhone 
  • On-screen joysticks to navigate the virtual SynergyXR spaces 
  • Left joystick used to move 
  • Right joystick used to rotate view 
  • If only left joystick is used, use forward/backward to move and left/right to rotate the view for an easy single joystick experience 
  • If both joysticks are used simultaneously, the left joystick is used to move forward/backward and strafe left/right, while the right joystick is used to adjust the rotation of the view 
  • The joysticks are sensitive, meaning that the further you push forward, the faster you will move 
  • Interact with content like you are used to 
  • Using the handles for precision interaction 
  • Simply grab objects to move them around 
  • Scale an object using pinch gestures 
  • To utilize the limited screen size, the menu folds away using the button on the top left 
  • Only landscape mode is currently supported 

Thumbnail-centric browsing for content, spaces and sessions

  • All browser menus have been changed from a text-first to a thumbnail-first approach
  • When browsing for live sessions or finding a suitable room to start a new session in, the user is presented with a gorgeous thumbnail tile view showing a screenshot from within the room 
  • When saving changes to a room, the thumbnail is automatically generated again to reflect the actual content of the room 
  • When browsing for content inside a session, a thumbnail of the content is presented to the user, making if faster to find the intended piece of content 

Search and sort content 

  • When users are looking for content to add to a Space, they can now enjoy our search functionality 
  • Users can filter their search searching for name and tags 
  • The part of the content header that matches the search input is highlighted, and tags matching the search input is shown on each content preview 
  • Users are also ably to sort the filtered search results to better find the relevant content. It is possible to sort based on “name”, “size” and “last modified” 

Built-in tips & tricks 

  • We have added short informative tips about features and functionality of SynergyXR as part of the loading screens 
  • All tips are gathered in an in-app catalogue that the user can access from the “Options” menu just next to the “Save” and “Exit” buttons. Here users can browse tips & tricks with extended descriptions divided into several categories. This catalogue can also be found in the SynergyXR lobby 

Content description and URL 

  • When uploading content through the SynergyXR Manager, users have the option to add a title, description as well as an URL 
  • As a new option in the content burger menu, this data can now be accessed conveniently, so users can read the description of the content 
  • By pressing the URL, an in-app browser is automatically spawned in the session navigating to the URL address 

Completely re-worked pop-up system 

  • All pop-ups are now much smaller and more elegant. Examples: 
  • Save before exit pop-up is now smaller and more elegant, and less prone to intersect with the environment 
  • If a user is notified that an author wishes to un-mute the user, this is done through a pop-up. If the user chooses to unmute via the wrist menu, the pop-up now disappears automatically 

Device support 

  • Since the Meta Quest 1 is barely used anymore, we have decided to no longer officially support it in SynergyXR 
  • Users can still expect to be able to run the application on a Meta Quest 1, but it has no longer gone through the same rigorous testing on this device 


  • Autogenerated thumbnails will now be created in 16:9 format to better fit the thumbnail-centric design of the other SynergyXR applications 
  • Improved autocomplete for entering tags when uploading new or searching existing content