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Introducing SynergyXR 1.7

We're rolling out a brand new look, even better controls, new avatars, and much more in the latest version of SynergyXR.

SynergyXR 1.7 Release Highlights

Here’s what we’ve packed inside the latest version of SynergyXR

  • Sleek and modern user interface for easier interaction
  • Better video controls and simplified keyboard
  • 6 new avatars with even more customization
  • 360 rotation of 3D models
  • Quick duplication of content

SynergyXR is maturing, so we thought it was about time to refresh the user interface to a more sleek and modern UI design. It isn’t all about the looks, though. We also made it easier to control content, rotate 3D models, duplicate viewers, plus lots of other things that I share in the video below.

Refreshed user interface

We’ve revamped the user interface (UI) for SynergyXR across PC, VR, and Manager – all to match our new visual identity. This modern UI is aligned across all applications ensuring an easily recognizable look & feel and consistent user experience.

We’ve also refreshed all content viewers, including the video player that now features larger on-screen buttons to easily play/pause or skip/rewind. The keyboard for VR has also seen major improvements, with a new slide-out number pad and special characters for a simplified design and ease of access.

New and updated avatars

As promised, we’ve expanded the built-in avatar system with 3 male and 3 female avatars to let users configure their avatar to their liking. We’re also including an assortment of new hair styles and clothing options.

Based on feedback from our community, we’ll decide on the direction moving forward to ensure we have a unified avatars system across all platforms (VR, PC, HoloLens, and more in the future) – so please share your thoughts on the updated look and feel of the avatars.

Better control of 3D models

Users can now rotate 3D models freely on all axis by grabbing individual rotation handles. We’ve also added a quick duplicate function on all viewers, as well as the option to lock individual objects ensuring that you don’t accidentally grab them when designing spaces. All these improvements will make it much easier to create new spaces exactly to your liking.

Synergy 1.7 – technical release notes

UI refresh for SynergyXR for PC and VR as well as SynergyXR – Manager 
  • Aligned look & feel and interaction 
  • New unified content viewer look 
  • Improved video controls: play; pause; skip/rewind 10 sec 
  • Improved keyboard with slide-out numpad and special characters 
Additional avatars to choose from 
  • Three male, and three female avatars 
360 rotation of 3D models 
  • Rotation handles to rotate 3D model around a single axis at a time 
  • UI button to reset the rotation and scale of the viewer 
Duplicate content viewer 
  • Quickly create a copy of the viewer 
  • The copy maintains the content, textual description, rotation and scale of the original viewer 
Lock/unlock individual content viewers while in author mode 
  • By locking a content viewer, the interaction box will be disabled allowing users to manipulate other content viewers close by without fear of accidentally moving the locked viewer 
  • When switching to author mode, all viewers are locked by default – user can then unlock relevant viewers to edit them 
Reworked flow for creating sessions using existing Spaces, or creating a new Space 
  • More explicit guidance for using existing or new Spaces when starting a multiuser Session 
Built-in tutorial in SynergyXR for PC and VR 
  • Showing users how to move around and interact with content in SynergyXR 
Guest users can no longer create new Sessions 
  • Guests are only allowed to join live sessions. This is done to avoid Guest users being able to browse all existing Spaces and potentially create sessions with content not meant for them 
Improved visuals on beacons 
  • New look to the existing beacons