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Introducing SynergyXR 1.8 - our biggest update to date!

The latest version of SynergyXR packs a punch with our new, jaw-dropping lobby and tutorial. You’re gonna love it. We’re also on the Oculus Store now and are launching a snazzy upgrade to the virtual keyboard plus Notes. Welcome to SynergyXR 1.8!

SynergyXR 1.8 Release Highlights

Here’s what we’ve packed inside the latest version of SynergyXR

  • Re-engineered lobby and in-app tutorial
  • Now available on the Oculus Store
  • Easier application updates
  • Even more customizable avatars
  • New in-app Notes feature

New lobby and tutorial 

We’ve re-engineered the entire start-up experience for VR and PC users complete with a shiny new lobby. We’re also introducing a new tutorial that’s built right in the application. It’s designed to help new users get the hang of things like moving around and adding content to a SynergyXR space. 

PC users will now start SynergyXR in a full 3D experience and be able to move around just like in VR, bridging the gap between the two experiences.  

Now available on the Oculus Store 

We’re excited to announce that SynergyXR is finally on the official Oculus Store through their App Lab program This is an important milestone since users can now install all SynergyXR applications (AR, VR, MR and PC) from official stores  

Easier application updates 

We’re also able to take some of the workload off Oculus for Business admins by managing all future application updates through a “business release channel”. This will remove an unnecessary manual step for OFB admins, ensuring users always use the latest version of SynergyXR. Our customer success team will reach out to get you started. 

Even more customizable avatars 

Our avatar builder has also been reworked, making it clearer to see which avatar is yoursIt’s also updated for PC users, letting them create customized avatarsEven moreSynergyXR now remembers your preferred avatar as well username across sessions and devices helping you get started faster. 

Introducing Notes 

You asked, we answered. Please welcome the completely new Notes! These are small post-it like notes you can create using the keyboard and add to spaces all inside the applicationNeed to make a quick agenda, to-do list, or instructions for your virtual objects – we got you covered with Notes. 

Easier to use virtual keyboard 

We’ve also given the virtual keyboard an upgrade, adding a cursor that lets users change part of the text. And the numbers and special characters have been moved to an alternative keyboard view that should be familiar to users of mobile on-screen keyboards. 

All these and many more improvements are now available in SynergyXR 1.8.  

Synergy 1.8 – technical release notes

SynergyXR available on Oculus Store (App Lab)

  • SynergyXR users on consumer headsets, can now install SynergyXR directly from the Oculus Store, avoid having to manually updating the app through side loading or 3rd party MDM tools
  • Link: SynergyXR on Oculus Quest | Oculus

Easier application updates for Oculus for Business users

  • We now offer distribution through a business release channel, so OFB admins no longer must manually update the application with new download links
  • Provide your OFB Device Manager ID, and receive an application invite, and let us take care of all future application updates
  • Our customer success team will reach out to help you get started

New lobby experience with refreshed avatar configurator

  • Available on both PC and VR,
  • PC users will now start in a full 3D experience and move around just like in VR
  • Avatar configurator on PC
  • The chosen avatar and user display name is persisted for future sessions, and across devices

Built-in tutorial teaching novice users the ropes of SynergyXR

  • Available on both PC and VR
  • Single-user experience without needing to login
  • Gently introducing new users to SynergyXR functionality such as object spawning and interaction, drawing system, beacon system, and more.

Animation controls for 3D models

  • Users can now play/pause animated 3D models
  • Users can choose to repeat the animation or just play once
  • Users can scrub the animation on an animation timeline.

New “Notes” functionality

  • Users can now add Notes to a room
  • Text can be added to the notes using the keyboard
  • Text font size can be changed to fit user’s needs
  • The size of the notes can be changed
  • You can of course also draw on the notes in addition to writing text using the keyboard

Keyboard improvements in VR

  • Special characters and numbers have been moved from the slide-out panels to an alternative keyboard accessed by pressing “ALT”
  • Arrows to move the cursor, making it easier to change only part of the written text
  • Separate buttons for “RETURN” to make a new line, and “OK” to acknowledge the text input

Improved movement in SynergyXR for PC

  • Switching between flying and walking now gracefully places the user instead of just resetting the position to the start of the room
  • Possible to switch between three different speeds: slow; medium and fast
  • Users can hide/show the user interface by pressing “CTRL+H” to make it easier to make great screenshots of SynergyXR experiences
  • When right-clicking to look around, the mouse cursor is hidden

Improved video streaming from HoloLens to PC

  • More intuitive flow when selecting which HoloLens user to stream video from
  • The video streaming window can now be freely moved around as well as resized

Improvements to SynergyXR for iOS

  • Graphical updates to align logos and colors to the other applications in the SynergyXR family
  • New tutorial graphic more clearly showing supported interaction
  • Improved vertical movement of digital objects by two-finger dragging up/down
  • Improved lighting of large models