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Improved VR training precision and performance with SynergyXR 2.8

Measure, Train, and Innovate – Experience the newest capabilities of SynergyXR 2.8 and revolutionize how you interact with large-scale environments.

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SynergyXR 2.8 release highlights

Here’s some highlights of what we’ve packed inside the latest version of SynergyXR: 

  • Measurement tool
  • Large-scale AR
  • Procedure improvements

Welcome to the latest breakthrough in virtual training technology – SynergyXR 2.8 is here, and it’s more powerful than ever!

With the introduction of an intuitive measurement tool, the ability to handle large-scale AR spaces, and enhanced training procedures, this version promises to revolutionize your operational efficiency and training capabilities. Step into a world where precision meets performance and every detail is crafted to enhance your interaction with technology.

What’s new in SynergyXR 2.8?

Measurement Tool

The centerpiece of SynergyXR 2.8 is the new Measurement Tool, designed to infuse your sessions with unparalleled accuracy and ease. This innovative feature allows you to integrate distance measurements into your planning and execution processes seamlessly.

From checking if a forklift can navigate through a warehouse door to arranging new production lines precisely, this tool supports metric and imperial units to cater to diverse global needs. Ideal for production planning, design reviews, and safety assessments, the Measurement Tool is your gateway to a more efficient and error-free workplace.

Large-Scale AR

Expand your augmented reality horizons with SynergyXR’s Large AR Spaces. This feature now supports environments up to 500m2, aligning perfectly with the physical world to create immersive training and operational scenarios.

The new Large AR Spaces adapt to your complex needs, whether it’s facilitating on-the-job training, conducting part-picking simulations in a sprawling warehouse, or troubleshooting frequent issues. Integration with QR codes simplifies access, making it effortless for users to step into these expansive AR settings.

Procedure Events

SynergyXR 2.8 doesn’t just expand spaces; it enhances how technical training is delivered. The newly introduced Events feature adds a layer of interactive, optional tasks that complement the main training procedures.

Users can now engage more deeply with their training environment, from exploring surrounding elements to actively avoiding modeled errors. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive learning experience, blending structured guidelines with the flexibility of exploratory learning.

Step Into the Future with SynergyXR 2.8

SynergyXR 2.8 is the next step towards the future of virtual training and operational planning. With new, robust features, it easily and precisely supports your most complex scenarios. Embrace the power of SynergyXR 2.8 and transform your technical capabilities into strategic advantages.

For a deep dive into the full list of improvements, explore the full release notes below.

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Want to experience virtual product knowledge training for yourself? Safely explore and interact with complex products like electric vehicles. Gain hands-on familiarity with components and features to enhance training and product knowledge without risk.

Read the press release here.


SynergyXR 2.8 – Technical Release Notes

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Measurement Tool 

  • Users can add a new distance measurement to the active session.
  • Users can choose between 3 different tools: 
    • Vertical: ensuring the measurement is always vertical .
    • Horizontal: ensuring the measurement is always horizontal. 
    • Free-form: complete freedom to measure in any angle. 
  • The starting distance is 1 meter. 
  • It is possible to change the measurement between metric and imperial units from the wrist menu.  
  • This changes the displayed unit for all measurements in the session. 
  • It also sets the default unit for that user, so it is remembered for future sessions. 
  • Users can adjust the measurement.
  • Users can directly grab the ends of the measurement. 
  • Alternatively, users can manipulate the floor-gizmo for more detailed adjustment. 
  • When an end-point is selected the “active object menu” for the measurement is shown. 
  • Users can lock/unlock the measurement from the active object menu. 
  • Users can delete the measurement from the active object menu.
  • The measured distance is continuously updated.
  • The angle between the measurement and horizontal/vertical is continuously updated in free-form measurements. 
  • All measurements can be seen in the “Object Menu”.
  • They are displayed in a separate category.
  • The name reflects the distance measured.
  • Users can lock/unlock measurements from the object menu.
  • Users can delete measurements from the object menu.

Large-Scale AR 

  • Users can now create a new type of Large AR space.
  • From the main menu, users can select “New AR” and from there choose between: 
    • Quick AR: small in-situ AR space.
    • Scan AR: medium sized space creating a digital copy of the copy of the surroundings.
    • Large AR: large AR experience.
  • When choosing to create a new Large AR Space, users are asked to move around the entire physical area. This is done to gather anchoring data to align with the physical area.
  • Following this, user can start building the Space as normally supported in QuickAR.
  • Plane detection is utilized to dynamically detect walls, floor and other surfaces.
  • When loading a Large AR Space on an AR-capable device, the users is automatically started in AR-mode and is being asked to align with the anchoring data available.

Environment Audio Control 

  • When creating a custom Environment using the SynergyXR Environment Tool it is possible to integrate audio sources in the Environment.
  • Users can now control the volume of these audio sources.
  • All audio sources are scaled between 0% (muted) and 100% (original volume) maintaining the relative volume differences originally set in the Environment.
  • This Environment audio volume controller can be found in the “Content List”.
  • The Environment audio volume is not saved into the Space, since it should be seen as a per-session adjustment users can do on-the-go and not a permanent change to the audio profile of the Space.

Procedure Events 

  • We introduce “Events” in our Procedures system. Events can be used to model errors in Procedures, or allow users to interact with parts of the Environment not critical to the main Procedure.
  • An event can be used to e.g. define a 3D area the user must not enter during certain steps of a procedure – e.g. the user must not put his/her hand into the hydraulic press after it has been started.
  • Individual events can be enabled and disabled in individual steps.
  • Several events can be active at once, allowing the user to perform multiple events in parallel with the main Procedure.
  • An event can be tagged as being an “error”.
  • When completing a Procedure as part of an LMS flow, the system will provide user feedback on the number of errors triggered during the execution of the Procedure.

Procedure improvements 

  • It is now possible to perform a “Two-hand assembly” allowing users to e.g. pick up an electrical screwdriver with one hand and attaching a battery using the other hand.
  • You can now toggle the visibility of the Procedure Panel. Access this from the wrist menu. 
  • We now store the Procedure state in the Space. The Procedure Panel visibility state is also saved, allowing users e.g., to start a Procedure – hide the panel – and save the Space.  

Bug fixes and improvements 

  • On PC, Mac and iOS, we have had some issues with users interacting with the on-screen UI and accidentally interacting with objects placed behind the UI. This has now been fixed, with UI interaction always taking priority.