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Press Release – Synergy 2.8


SynergyXR 2.8 Brings Unprecedented Precision to Virtual Training

New measurement tool, large-scale AR spaces, and enhanced procedures revolutionize technical training capabilities.

Summary: SynergyXR, a leader in Extended Reality (XR) enterprise software, announces the launch of SynergyXR 2.8. This groundbreaking update introduces a revolutionary measurement tool, expanded large-scale AR spaces up to 500+ m2, and enhanced procedural training capabilities – transforming technical training and operational efficiency for industrial, energy, and manufacturing sectors.


Aarhus, Denmark – May 7, 2024. With the release of SynergyXR 2.8, the company introduces significant technological enhancements that bridge virtual training with real-world applications. This version includes a new Measurement Tool that integrates precise distance measurements into operational planning, expanded Large AR Spaces up to 500+ m2 for immersive training environments, and interactive Procedure Events that enhance user engagement and learning outcomes.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce training costs and boost operational efficiency.
  • Improve workplace safety with realistic error-avoidance training.
  • Optimize space utilization through virtual planning scenarios.
  • Enhance employee skills with exploratory, hands-on learning.

Key New Features in SynergyXR 2.8:

  • Measurement Tool: Integrate precise distance measurements into virtual environments for production planning, design reviews, and safety assessments.
  • Large-Scale AR Spaces: Support for immersive AR training environments up to 500m2, aligning perfectly with physical workspaces like warehouses.
  • Procedure Events: Interactive optional tasks to complement main training procedures, allowing exploratory learning and error avoidance practice.
  • Dual Object Interactions: Perform “two-hand” tasks like picking up a tool with one hand and operating it with the other for realistic training.

Quote from Andy Grantham, Head of Marketing at SynergyXR: “SynergyXR 2.8 elevates virtual training with innovative tools like the measurement feature for unmatched precision in planning and large AR spaces for hyper-realistic training scenarios.”

Quote from Sune Wolff, CTO and Co-founder of SynergyXR: ” SynergyXR 2.8 represents a monumental step in bridging the virtual and operational worlds. The measurement tool allows comprehensive AR mapping and testing of procedures before production line implementation. The new large-scale AR spaces create expansive augmented reality training environments perfectly aligned to physical facilities through captured anchoring data, with dynamic plane detection surfacing realistic environmental elements. And the procedure events enable practical error identification and avoidance. These cutting-edge capabilities seamlessly blend digital simulation with real-world operation. ”

About SynergyXR: SynergyXR provides Extended Reality (XR) enterprise software tailored for the industrial, energy, and manufacturing sectors. The SynergyXR platform enhances employee training and development while streamlining industrial operations, promoting innovation, and improving efficiency through the safe application of virtual and augmented reality technologies.



Andy Grantham, Head of Marketing, SynergyXR
Phone: +45 5195 0172


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