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SynergyXR 2.5: Elevating Immersive Training & Collaboration

SynergyXR 2.5 is here, turbocharging training, accessibility, and usability. We're reshaping the boundaries of virtual collaboration and training.

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SynergyXR 2.5 Release Highlights

Here’s what we’ve packed inside the latest version of SynergyXR 

  • LMS-Integration 
  • iOS Quick-AR 
  • QR-Code Support
  • Bonus: Mac Support  

SynergyXR 2.5 is here, turbocharging training, accessibility, and usability. This isn’t just another update; it’s a leap. And why? Because we’re reshaping the boundaries of virtual collaboration and training. By listening to your invaluable feedback and incorporating industry insights, we’ve crafted an XR experience that’s not only more powerful and versatile but also user-centric.

We’ve honed in on three core areas in this release, ensuring SynergyXR is stronger, more adaptable, and user-friendly. Dive in and experience the XR revolution, tailored just for you in SynergyXR 2.5.


Training management has been revolutionized. Seamlessly export VR content in the coveted SCORM 1.2 format. Connect effortlessly with leading Learning Management Systems. Efficiently enroll, track, and report. We’ve streamlined it all, because every moment in training counts.

iOS Quick-AR

Quick-AR isn’t just a feature; it’s a game-changer for on-the-go professionals. Skip the hassle of 3D scanning and immerse straight into AR. Whether you’re showcasing a product or seeking assistance, Quick-AR offers unmatched speed and flexibility. In a world where every second is pivotal, Quick-AR ensures you’re always ahead.

QR-Code Support

Accessing your Spaces has never been this simple. With QR-Code support, it’s all about swift access and user ease. Just scan and dive into your desired Space. Attendees at events or workshops can now engage effortlessly, making virtual exploration a breeze.

Bonus: Mac Support

Mac users, rejoice! SynergyXR now fully supports Mac platforms. Why is this big? Because we believe in inclusivity. Every user, every platform. Dive into immersive experiences on your Mac seamlessly.

These are just glimpses of what SynergyXR 2.5 brings to the table. For a deep dive into the myriad of improvements, explore the full list below.

Try the New Technical Training Demo

Want to experience virtual technical training for yourself? Jump into this free demo experience and learn how to assemble steel beams for a new construction project. Through visual, written, and voice step-by-step guidance, you’ll understand the processes and tools involved in drilling, bolting, and assembling steel beams.

SynergyXR 2.5 – Technical Release Notes

Book a 30-minute meeting and get a free trial 

  • Users without previous SynergyXR experience can now signup for a free trial 
  • A completely new Organization and Workspace is automatically being created, making the user the first admin, ready to invite colleagues 
  • The free trial is limited to 6 users for 7 days 

Spaces Overview in Web Manager

  • The Web Manager ( now also offer admins an overview of all Spaces saved in their Workspace
  • Admins can search available Spaces using tags and name of the Space
  • Admins can apply filters to the search, including content type (3d model, image, video, pdf), size of content, last modified, etc.
  • Admins can rename Spaces, manage Workspace Favorites, as well as delete unwanted Spaces

LMS – Integration

  • SynergyXR now offers integration with most major Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • To ensure the widest possible support, we have built the LMS integration using SCORM 1.2
  • Admins can go into the Web Manager, search for a Space containing the technical training they wish to integrate as digital training content in their LMS, and export a SCORM 1.2 compliant content package
  • The SCORM package can easily be imported into an LMS to create a single activity course
  • LMS admins can now enroll users to participate in the training as with all other types of eLearning content
  • When an enrolled user launches the VR-based training module in the LMS system, a light-weight embedded web application will be shown to the user (using the SCORM Runtime environment) – by starting the training, the user is taken to a web landing page where several things happen:
    • The user is guided to pick up a VR headset to complete the training
    • A unique PIN code is provided to the user which must be entered in SynergyXR
    • The LMS-ID of the user is extracted to ensure the completion of the training is registered under the correct user
  • Admins can select specific users in the Web Manager and select them to automatically be prompted for the PIN when entering SynergyXR
    • When the user logs into SynergyXR, he/she will be prompted to enter the PIN
    • Users are always free to select “Training” from the new main menu and enter the PIN here – more on the new main menu later
  • This will automatically launch the user into the SynergyXR Space containing the training as specified in the SCORM Content Package
  • Four different events are tracked: joined, started, completed, and left
    • Joined: When entering the Space
    • Started: When starting the VR training Procedure or scenario
    • Completed: When reaching the last step of the Procedure or scenario
    • Left: When the user leaves the Space
  • These events are stored in an LRS (Learning Record Store) that is hosted as part of SynergyXR
    • If the SCORM package is still kept open in the background, it will periodically poll the LRS for new events regarding that user
    • If the SCORM package has been closed, the user can launch it again to manually retrieve the results
    • In case of a “Completed” event, the SCORM package is automatically marked as completed in the LMS as well

iOS Quick – AR

  • It is now possible for users to create a Quick-AR session skipping the normal 3D scanning commissioning phase
  • This is useful for several use cases:
    • During a sales meeting, if the user just quickly wants to show a product in AR
    • An on-site technician wants quick remote assistance from an off-site expert
    • An author wants to create a Space solely meant for AR, and hence not need the 3D scan of the surroundings
  • Upon entering this mode, the user can instantly start adding content to the Space
  • SynergyXR continuously gathers information of the surroundings, to solidly anchor the experience to the real world
  • Once enough information is gathered, it is also possible for other users to join the session
  • The Space can also be saved for later use. These AR-Spaces are marked visually in the Space browser, ensuring users are aware that the intended use case is for AR, and that a 3D scan is not available
  • When creating a new session in an existing AR Space, iOS users automatically start in AR mode
  • Users joining a live AR session will start in VR mode, but iOS users are free to switch to AR mode in case they are in the same physical location

QR-code Support for Direct Access to Spaces (Deep Links)

  • Admins can go into the Web Manager, search for a Space, and generate a unique QR-code for this Space
  • The QR-code can be downloaded in .PNG, .JPG or .SVG file format
  • The QR-code contains information about the Workspace and Space
  • An iOS user can scan the QR code – either using the camera app, or using the in-app QR-code scanner located in the new main menu
  • If the SynergyXR application is installed on the iOS device, the app will automatically launch
    • If not, the user is nudged to go to the app store from where the app can be downloaded and installed
  • If the user is already logged in, the user is automatically switched to the appropriate Workspace, and SynergyXR will suggest the user to enter the corresponding Space
    • If the user is not logged in, the user is prompted to enter login credentials
    • If the user does not have access to the Workspace, an error message is shown to the user, and the user stays in the existing Workspace
    • If the user does not have access rights to start a new session (Guest user) an error message is shown to the user

New in-app Main Menu

  • With so many different ways of creating Spaces in SynergyXR we wish to make it easier for users to find their preferred point of entry into SynergyXR. These include:
    • New: start a new session, by creating a new Space from a template or empty environment;
    • Saved: start a new session loading a saved Space;
    • Join: joining a live session;
    • Training: entering an LMS code;
    • Quick AR: start a Quick AR session (only available for iOS and iPadOS devices);
    • Scan Space: start a new AR session making a digital scan of the surroundings (only available for iOS and iPadOS devices); and
    • QR Code: scan a QR-code (only available for iOS and iPadOS devices);
  • Launching the SynergyXR application and logging in, now takes users to the new main menu where the user can easily choose between these entry points.
  • Users on flat-screen devices (PC, Mac and iOS) can now also enjoy an optimized screen-space UI experience for the login process

Mac Support

  • We are always aiming to support all relevant XR-capable devices, and now we have added another to the family of supported devices – Mac support
  • Users can enjoy the full Windows PC SynergyXR experience running natively on Mac
  • Both Intel- and M-based Mac’s are supported
  • The track-pad experience has also been improved, ensuring users are not required to use a 2-button mouse to properly use SynergyXR, e.g.
    •  When not having selected an object, click and hold the trackpad to look around
    • While having grabbed an object and moving it close to the edge of the screen, your view go up/down and strafe left/right
    • This new interaction scheme is also adopted on the PC platform

Technical Training Procedure Improvements

  • In addition to skipping to the next step, it is now possible to go back one step in the procedure sequence
  • Users can now control the volume of the voice guidance and sound FX in a procedure, making it easier to communicate with colleagues during collaborative training
  • It is now possible to complete several steps using the same tool, without having to release the tool in-between steps
  • There is now support for keyframe animations baked into the 3d objects as reactions to users completing steps
    • An animation can loop or be played once
    • An animation can be started in one step and stopped again in a later step