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Baettr transforms industrial operator training with VR

Baettr's virtual replica of their real-life production hall and machinery offers a safe and immersive environment for operators to train in.

In the dynamic landscape of wind turbine manufacturing, staying ahead means embracing cutting-edge solutions. The introduction of virtual reality (VR) training has revolutionized operational practices, but how can this innovative approach balance the need for comprehensive training with the demands of high-efficiency production? Read on to find out.

The Challenge: Rethinking training in the world of wind turbine manufacturing

In the specialized field of wind turbine manufacturing, Baettr face a trio of intertwined challenges that call for a radical rethink in operator training. The traditional training methods, while tried and tested, are increasingly seen as too time-consuming and complex, given the large size and technical intricacy of their machinery. This complexity is compounded by the physical and spatial limitations in their production area, where the sheer scale of the components renders traditional, hands-on training methods impractical.

Standardization of production and processes is also challenging. As a global player with operations spanning continents, Baettr faces significant hurdles in ensuring uniform production standards and efficient knowledge transfer. This challenge became even more pronounced during the COVID-19 lockdown, which restricted travel and face-to-face collaboration, highlighting the need for a training method that is not only effective but also adaptable to the rapidly changing global landscape.

Jan Dalsgaard, Vice President of IT at Baettr, highlighted the struggle, noting, “The key challenges… exchanging information and knowledge between our factories in Asia and Europe… was a serious limitation.”

Baettr’s experience mirrors a common predicament in modern manufacturing – balancing the need for specialized, hands-on training with the realities of large-scale, geographically dispersed operations. It’s a scenario that many global companies can relate to, especially in a world where adapting to new norms of work and collaboration has become imperative to continued success.

The Solution: A collaborative leap into Virtual Reality

Facing multifaceted training challenges, Baettr’s journey toward innovation began with a pivotal decision to explore digital solutions. This exploration led them to partner with SynergyXR, marking the start of a groundbreaking venture in operator training. Together, they crafted a VR training universe that was not only a technological marvel but a testament to the power of collaborative innovation.

“In our quest for a solution, we rapidly transitioned from video filming to embracing VR,” said Jan Dalsgaard, illustrating the dynamic shift in approach.


Baettr successfully implemented immersive virtual training for their operators. Listen to the full interview with Jan Dalsgaard:

Eliminating the physical limitations of traditional training

This swift transition from concept to prototype involved meticulously creating a digital copy of Baettr’s real-life production hall and machinery. The collaboration saw SynergyXR’s expertise in 3D design and VR technology meld with Baettr’s in-depth knowledge of their operational needs, ensuring a virtual replica that was not only accurate but also effective for training. This immersive environment, complete with interactive 3D models, transcends the physical limitations of traditional training methods.

The rapid development showcases the effective application of VR in creating authentic training experiences. The solution is crafted with accessibility and scalability at its core, utilizing VR headsets for immersive experiences and computers for broader accessibility, ensuring global reach and consistent training quality.

We need to utilize virtual reality to make sure we can scale training, and benefit from better quality and efficiency in our processes.

Jan Dalsgaard  |  Vice President, IT at Baettr

The transformative potential of VR in industrial training

Baettr’s innovative leap, achieved through this collaborative effort, reflects a broader industry trend of embracing digital transformation to address traditional operational challenges. This partnership between Baettr and SynergyXR serves as a beacon for other companies navigating similar challenges, demonstrating the transformative potential of VR in industrial training.

The Result: better resource allocation and increased efficiency

The results of Baettr’s VR training initiative with SynergyXR are nothing short of transformative. The most notable is the dramatic reduction in training duration for operators – from up to 20 days to just a few hours.

This change has revolutionized their training process, as Jan Dalsgaard explained, “Previously when we onboarded new operators, the only window of training was every 12 or 15 hours when the machine stopped. Now, we can go to this offsite facility and do virtual training… so we can make the training and onboarding more efficient.” This shift offers a significant reduction in machine downtime and a remarkable increase in training efficiency.

We definitely found this (virtual training) as an important enabler to being able to train and share knowledge across our plants.

Jan Dalsgaard | Vice President, IT at Baettr

The VR training also brings about standardization in quality across different shifts and locations, ensuring uniform operation times and consistent quality in global production.

The new method allows for continuous machine operation, as the training no longer requires downtime for the machinery. Reflecting on the process, Jan noted, “Training is hard to measure… but we see process efficiency going from one and a half hours of the same operation into 45 minutes, and possibly into a half-hour.” This efficiency gain represents not just time savings but also a substantial financial advantage, potentially in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range yearly, by reducing downtime and expediting operator readiness.

Future perspectives: Expanding Baettr’s horizons

Looking to the future, Baettr is set to broaden the reach of its VR training program. There are aspirational plans to expand the VR training to encompass a wider range of operations and machinery, aiming for an even more extensive application of this innovative technology.

“The job is now to scale for multiple items, multiple machines, and even multi-regions,” Jan stated, emphasizing the importance of standardization and cost efficiency.

This expansion is not just about scaling up but also about further embedding VR training into the fabric of Baettr’s global operations, setting a new standard for industrial training efficiency and effectiveness.

About Baettr

Baettr is a leading provider in the global wind energy industry, renowned for its expertise in on- and offshore turbine component design, casting, machining, surface treatment, and assembly. Baettr focuses on innovation and supply chain integration to reduce total ownership costs, solidifying its reputation as a key development partner in the wind energy sector.