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Create real digital copies in less than an hour with SynergyXR 2.0

There’s been a great deal of hype about digital copies for many years now. But every time, it’s proven to be a costly and cumbersome process reserved for only the most technically skilled experts – until now!

SynergyXR 2.0 Release Highlights

Here’s what we’ve packed inside the latest version of SynergyXR 

  • Create a digital copy in less than an hour 
  • Unlock the power of HoloLens with photorealistic scans 
  • Add real-time IoT data to your digital copy
  • Take more control of your meetings  

We’re excited to completely disrupt this with the latest and greatest iteration of SynergyXR so far. With SynergyXR 2.0, we’re enabling all employees to create a digital copy in less than an hour. Users can now create photorealistic 3D models of physical environments and quickly add interactive data dashboards to the environment to show real-time IoT data to all users. Seconds later, colleagues from across the world can share the digital copy in true XR multi-user collaboration.  

Photorealistic environment scans 

SynergyXR already supports larger HoloLens scans than any other platform available on the market today. We’re now pushing the technical envelope of the HoloLens even further by adding textured scans to the 3D scan. This gives users photorealistic scans and much-needed contextual understanding for users joining from PC or VR. This new “digital copy” truly unlocks next-generation remote support and remote monitoring.  


Real-time IoT data 

We’ve built a secure data processing platform to help companies easily deliver data to their digital copies. With the SynergyXR applications, users can search through data points and quickly add dashboards to SynergyXR environments that display IoT data in real-time. This enables HoloLens users to visualize data on-site where it’s generated and lets PC and VR users monitor the state of the technical installation from afar. Finally, there’s a perfect alternative to traditional SCADA systems.  


Kickstart your XR strategy

At SynergyXR, we have more than 14 years of experience helping companies create strategic plans across a wide range of Extended Reality (XR) applications. During our workshop, we’ll partner with your team to identify your business needs, help formulate a solid use case, set the right goals, and put together the right launch team.

Take control of meetings 

We‘ve also reworked the hosting/viewing controls for multi-user sessions, which gives hosts better control of meetings and enables guests to participate more actively. Hosts can now unlock individual objects and allow all users to interact with them regardless of their role. 

We’ve also added a whole range of special tools for handling sessions.  

  • See all active participants 
  • Mute individual or all participants 
  • Highlight and draw attention to the host.  

 You can find all of these and many more improvements in SynergyXR 2.0  

SynergyXR 2.0 – technical release notes 

Textured HoloLens scan 

  • Choose between textured and non-textured scans 
  • Textured scans are limited in size and take slightly longer time to process 
  • Non-textured scans are comparable to the scans from previous versions 
  • Improved interface to better guide the user in the scanning process, clearly communicating minimum, recommended, and maximum size of the scan 

Real-time data integration 

  • Customers can deliver real-time data to the SynergyXR data platform through a Web API. Security is ensured by enforcing the use of an API key uniquely generated for each Workspace.  
  • Data is stored in the SynergyXR data platform for 14 days before automatically being deleted 
  • Users can add data dashboards to their SynergyXR Spaces. These dashboards can contain several data points showing the data delivered to the data platform. The data is automatically updated every 2 seconds 
  • Each data point shows a title, an optional subtitle, the data value, and a unit of measurement. By pressing the “more” icon on each data point, a more complete overview of the data is shown 
  • It is possible to display the data points in a horizontal or a vertical view 


Reworked author/viewer workflow 

  • The session-wide global “author/view mode” toggle has been removed 
  • Authors can now unlock individual pieces of content by using the lock/unlock feature. Once unlocked, all users (even Guests and Viewers) can interact with the content 
  • Guests and Viewers can never add or delete content to the Space, neither can they save changed to a Space – these features are still reserved for Authors 


Global lock/unlock content 

  • Authors now have an easily accessible feature for locking or unlocking all content in the Space 
  • This feature is accessed from the “Author Tools” menu 
  • A small tooltip is shown to the Author informing of the result when using this feature 


Participant list 

  • Authors can access a list of participants in the current session 
  • The name of each participant is shown 
  • The distance from the Author to each participant is shown in meters 
  • The microphone mute state of each participant is shown 
  • The Author can mute individual participants directly from this list 
  • If an Authors unmutes a participant, the participant will receive a pop-up where they need to accept the unmute request in respect of their privacy 
  • This feature is accessed from the “Author Tools” menu 


Mute all 

  • Authors now have an easily accessible feature for muting all participants in the session 
  • A small tooltip is shown to the Author informing of the result when using this feature 
  • This feature is accessed from the “Author Tools” menu 


Author control of drawing 

  • Authors can now easily enable and disable 3D drawing for all participants   
  • The ability to draw on 2D content is controlled by the individual 2D contents lock state 


Author highlight 

  • Authors can now draw attention to themselves using the “Author highlight” feature 
  • Both a visual and audible ping of attention is triggered 
  • This feature is accessed from the “Author Tools” menu 


Laser pointer for PC users 

  • PC users can now make use of the laser pointer  
  • The laser pointer is accessed from the “Tools” menu 


New content browser on HoloLens  

  • The HoloLens now uses the same content browser as VR and PC 


New graphics for beacons  

  • The graphics for beacons have been updated to better match the visual style of the previously updated UI 


Improved spatial audio 

  • We have made some minor adjustments to the spatial audio in SynergyXR, to make the experience more immersive