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How XR is changing planning, training, and maintenance in manufacturing

With SynergyXR, companies can combine the value chain’s ‘Big 3’ into one sweet, do-it-yourself platform.

Good things definitely come in threes – think 3-day weekends, Aladdin’s three wishes, the Star Wars Trilogy, triathlons (well, at least for us über-sporty folk), and 3D models, just to name a few terrific trios. 

The age we’re living in now offers digital solutions we never thought were possible, and with the help of extended reality (XR) technologies, industrial manufacturers around the globe are amassing massive benefits. XR’s triad of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) enables us to have a uniquely immersive and interactive experience – often without having to be physically present. It maximizes manufacturing and production in more ways than you can probably think of, hugely important stuff like procedures, quality, and productivity. 



From travel bans to social distancing and other recent global pandemic precautions, the need for these modern technologies has been ramping up faster than a speeding bullet – well, at least pretty close to it. 

And given the spotlight manufacturing plays in keeping the global economy healthy, Extended Reality has taken center stage and revealed itself as a shining industrial star – our virtual hero of the value chain. Let’s take a look at how XR has revamped the meaning of driving value across all production levels at each stage of the process – whether planning production facilities, training workers, or delivering scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.



Planning that fosters shared understanding

Building or upgrading production facilities can be a drawn-out, costly headache. Complications and errors in design, engineering, assembly, and installation are all too common when orchestrating a vast diversity of moving people and parts. Supporting production facility planning with extended reality makes a whole lot of things a whole lot easier. 

For starters, companies can have a more accurate, collaborative, and visual way to plan, build, and inspect production facilities worldwide. Not only will you have greater accuracy and more precise communication, but you’ll also have faster delivery, reduced costs, and less downtime.

Other stellar advantages of using an XR platform include measuring, scanning, planning and discussing remotely, gathering the necessary documentation on the first visit, and combining information to create a complete picture. They also enable you to align with stakeholders in a shared environment and use XR to involve stakeholders in the design process. 

We can say that the bread-and-butter of all production is efficient, structured planning. An XR platform effectively captures knowledge and provides a shared environment for exquisitely smooth knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Mads Troelsgaard I SynergyXR CEO and Co-Founder

Training done the smart, scalable way

When it comes to training workers, outdated practices, limited expertise, and a retiring workforce make for a triple whammy of problems that slow down and hinder efficient learning. 

Here comes SynergyXR to the rescue again. You can create fully customizable training scenarios that mimic reality and let workers train from anywhere at their own pace. These training benefits equate to faster training times and scalable training programs at reduced training costs and with better memory retention. You can also prep for upcoming maintenance with digital copies of facilities, learn how to operate machines and fix problems remotely, and get on-demand training for uncommon problems and procedures.

The immersive experience of XR lets production workers learn in a realistic environment. Being able to walk around and interact in a virtual industrial facility enables an unrivalled hands-on, full-on, on-point experience for production training.

Sune Wolff I PhD, SynergyXR CTO and Co-Founder

Maintenance and support that saves both time and money

Production downtime can cost companies a fortune in lost revenue, and fixing problems often takes too long because the necessary expertise isn’t available where and when it’s required. An XR platform like SynergyXR lends a quick solution by enabling the needed know-how precisely at the right place and at the right time. Getting what you need when you need it means faster problem assessment, clearer communication, reduced costs, and fewer site visits.

SynergyXR gives companies a more effective way to keep their production up and running by sharing expert information in real-time and on-demand using a combination of Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality and PC. The XR platform also allows a host of other first-rate advantages, like constructing virtual as-built models of installations dynamically, establishing persistent virtual spaces, building step-by-step maintenance guides, and constructing and re-using scenarios virtually and on-site. It also enables experts to deliver interactive expertise by voice, video, and 3D – all without travelling.

In practice

Sanovo Technologies, a key producer of egg-processing machinery, required complex repairs during COVID-19 travel restrictions. Using SynergyXR, the on-site plant technician could easily fix the machinery with the expert technician’s remote, real-time guidance. Read more

SynergyXR’s turnkey solution made remote support quick and simple. They offered a plug & play solution that was straightforward and easy to implement.

Olaf B. Poulsen  |  Vice President at Sanovo

SynergyXR’s Platform – making production as easy as 1, 2, 3

In short, XR technologies have radically transformed the way we look at industrial manufacturing’s value chains. With the help of an XR platform like SynergyXR, companies can increase efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and safety while saving time and lowering costs. 

Now that we’ve gone through how XR can help you streamline planning, training, and maintenance, just imagine the ease and overview that a single platform can deliver – seamless coordination of all three stages. While most other XR applications only focus on one aspect of production, SynergyXR gives manufacturers a simple and affordable way to use XR and drive value across all production levels. 

At SynergyXR, we know the power of combining different parts to create a singular, potent platform that’s easy to use, streamlines workflows, and helps growing businesses take off. We deliver a bit of rocket science as a simple solution for intelligent professionals who aren’t experts in XR but appreciate what it can do for their businesses. We specialize in bringing XR to the people, and we’re ready when you are – 3…2…1 Blastoff!