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SynergyXR 1.6 - now with stunning new spaces, refreshed avatars, and more

We're excited to share the latest release of SynergyXR - now with stunning new spaces, refreshed avatars, easier PC navigation, and more.

New avatars – refreshed and more immersive

Your avatar is your digital you in SynergyXR. That’s why we want to give you more expressive and diverse avatars by refreshing their overall look and feel. With 3 new styles included in this release (and more on the way), the new avatars are based on those from ReadyPlayerMe, which lets you create an avatar from a single selfie image. While we’re not quite there yet, we plan to integrate this platform completely into SynergyXR in the future – letting you create your own custom avatar from a single selfie for SynergyXR.

Stunning new spaces

Where you meet is often as important as why you meet – even when it’s virtual. So, over the last few months, we’ve designed two new spaces that create a stunning backdrop for your SynergyXR meetings. The new “Lounge” and the “Exhibition” spaces provide that cozy vibe many of you have been asking for. And with the stone textured walls, lifelike fireplace and big windows providing a remarkable view of the surrounding nature, we’re confident these spaces will take your SynergyXR meetings to a whole new level.

Automatic thumbnail generator

We’ve also added a new thumbnail generator to the SynergyXR – Manager. This lets you automatically create thumbnails for 3D models and PDF’s – making it faster and easier to access your content. And you don’t have to worry about your existing content. With a simple press of a button, you can quickly generate thumbnails.

Faster navigation

When navigating content in the SynergyXR – Manager, you’ll notice a faster and more responsive user interface when switching between content types and applying tag filtering. We also added keyboard support to make it faster to find tags. And now you can sort content by date, name or size.

Better navigation for PC

We’re also thrilled about a new and improved way of navigating SynergyXR on desktop PCs. Now you can navigate using the arrow keys, look around using the mouse – all while maintaining an eye-level with colleagues using VR or HoloLens for a more natural interaction.

SynergyXR 1.6 – technical release notes

Thumbnail generation
  • For 3D models and PDF content when uploading in SynergyXR – Manager

  • For existing 3D models and PDF content by pressing generate thumbnail button

Content browsing in SynergyXR – Manager
  • Faster and more responsive UI

  • Sort content by title, memory usage or date of last modification

Warning and errors in SynergyXR – Manager
  • Clearer description of errors and warnings when uploading and organizing content

Keyboard navigation in suggested tags in SynergyXR – Manager
  • When applying tags, the user can navigate the suggested tags using arrow up/down and select using enter on the keyboard

Improved appearance of HoloLens scan in PC and VR
  • Improved shader for showing HoloLens scan from physical spaces on PC and VR makes it much easier to recognize the shape and contours of the scan

Improved visuals on avatars
Improved PC navigation
  • Move forward using “Arrow up” or “W”

  • Move backward using “Arrow down” or “S”

  • Rotate left using “Arrow left” or “A”

  • Rotate right using “Arrow right” or “D”

  • Increase avatar height using “E”

  • Decrease avatar height using “Q”

  • Hold right mouse button to look around using your mouse

  • While holding right mouse button, rotate left/right is changed to move left/right

  • Hold “Space” to start teleport. Hold right mouse button to look around and adjust teleport target. Release “Space” to teleport to the chosen target.

New spaces available for virtual meetings
  • SynergyXR Lounge: a cozy medium sized space with a live fireplace and a view to the surrounding forest

  • SynergyXR Exhibition Space: a large modern airy space with great wall space and a view to the surrounding hilly landscape