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How SynergyXR & Maersk Training are shaping the future of Maritime Training

Maersk Training is on a mission to transform maritime and offshore training.

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In the face of rapidly evolving technological landscapes, Maersk Training, powered by SynergyXR, embarked on a pioneering journey to redefine maritime and offshore training. Faced with the dual challenge of preserving the depth of traditional training methods while embracing innovation, this partnership seeks to leverage Virtual Reality (VR) to revolutionize how Oil & Gas, Maritime, and Renewables industry professionals prepare for the complexities of their roles. 

The SynergyXR and Maersk Training Partnership 

This strategic alliance blends SynergyXR’s cutting-edge VR technology with Maersk Training’s deep industry expertise, creating immersive training experiences that closely mirror real-world scenarios. The objective was clear: to enhance learning outcomes and operational readiness through the power of immersive simulation. 

Implementation Process 

The collaboration process involved meticulous planning and alignment of technological capabilities with instructional design. VR training modules were developed to simulate critical maritime operations, allowing trainees to practice and hone their skills in a risk-free environment. This phase underscored the partnership’s commitment to delivering quality real-to-life solutions that address the specific needs of the maritime and offshore industries. The partnership also empowers instructors to tailor VR training content specifically for relevant industry environments, ensuring it aligns perfectly with industry-specific requirements and scenarios.

Perspectives on Transformation 

Maersk Training’s Vision

The move towards integrating VR into training programs was driven by the desire to enrich the traditional training paradigm, offering a more dynamic and engaging learning experience. This vision was rooted in the understanding that the complexities of maritime, oil & gas, and renewables operations necessitate a training approach that goes beyond conventional methods, enabling learners to navigate and respond to real-life challenges with confidence. The VR technology not only democratizes learning but is crucial for Energy industries where safety is paramount and there is zero tolerance for error. The bespoke training modules developed are particularly designed to address the unique challenges faced in high-risk operational environments.

We are establishing VR as a product line to revolutionize the learning experience, enriching hands-on engagement, and providing flexible training accessibility, anytime, anywhere.

Linsey Horberry  |  Digital Experience Lead at Maersk Training

Instructor Insights

The shift to VR-based training with SynergyXR has transformed instruction, making technology easily accessible for all skill levels and focusing on actual learning. This ease of use allows instructors to teach without the technical hurdles typically associated with advanced simulations. Further enriched by Maersk Training’s three decades of experience in full mission simulators, the developed VR content effectively combines practical expertise with innovative XR solutions, delivering training that is both realistic and educationally robust.

Trainee Experiences

Trainees reported a profound impact on their learning experience, with many highlighting the realism and immersion of VR training as key factors that contributed to a deeper understanding of operational procedures. The hands-on nature of VR simulations allowed for a practical application of theoretical knowledge, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world execution. 

Outcomes and Impact 

The partnership’s efforts will culminate in a series of VR training modules that set new standards in maritime and offshore training. Evaluation indicates a marked increase in learner engagement and retention, validating the effectiveness of VR as a training tool. Furthermore, the scalability and adaptability of VR training promise to extend its benefits across various sectors within the Energy industries. 

The VR experience is a step up from the physical training mock-ups we used before. Users gain an even better learning experience because they are hands-on themselves.

Peter Gadeberg  |  Technical Instructor at Maersk Training

Future Prospects 

Looking ahead, Maersk Training envisions a future where XR technologies play a central role in its training portfolio. This forward-looking perspective is grounded in the belief that continuous innovation is key to addressing the evolving challenges of the industry. The partnership remains committed to exploring new avenues for applying VR and other immersive technologies to enhance training outcomes and safety standards. 

Charting the Future of Maritime Training

The collaboration between SynergyXR and Maersk Training represents a watershed moment in the evolution of operational and safety training. By harnessing the transformative potential of VR, this partnership elevates the training experience for maritime, oil & gas, and renewables professionals and lays the groundwork for future innovations in these fields. As we look to the horizon, the promise of Maersk Training, powered by SynergyXR, continues to inspire a new era of training excellence, characterized by engagement, realism, and unparalleled operational preparedness. 

About Maersk Training

Maersk Training is a global training and consulting organization that is part of the A.P. Moller – Maersk group. They work with organizations and individuals in the Oil & Gas, Maritime, and Renewables industries to enhance safety culture and operational performance, while aiming to provide a better learning experience.​ They utilize their global experience whilst working with clients to achieve the highest learning level from their sessions. They always teach and coach according to their core values, a Maersk Training way of thinking.​