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Onboard your employees smarter

SynergyXR is perfect for onboarding employees when products and services are complex, technical, and difficult to explain.

Communicate better

Boost retention

Learn faster

Save money

Unleash the power of your products and services with visual storytelling

With Virtual Reality, you can bring your products and services to life by harnessing the power of 3D, immersive storytelling. With VR, you can help your employees understand the big picture of how your products and services work in the real world. You can also add videos to enhance your story and strengthen your message. You can even bring objects of all shapes and sizes into your training scenario without having to think about the logistics or risk of injury

  • Use videos, presentations, images, and 3D objects
  • Engage with 3D assets to teach how products work
  • Scale and animate 3D objects without any risk of injury

Let’s face it, the way we work and upskill workers have changed

For many companies, onboarding and upskilling employees is too costly, slow, and ineffective due to outdated training practices. And to make matters even worse, they’re faced with a retiring workforce and limited expertise, which affects overall product and service quality.   ​

  • 4x faster than classroom training
  • 43% reduction in workplace injuries
  • Reduce training and onboarding costs
  • Save big on travel related expenses


If you can do it faster and better by taking them through a virtual experience, then it really makes a lot of sense. It is enormously valuable.

Christian Carlsson  |  Grundfos XR Lead Consultant

Grundfos’ virtual onboarding delivers accelerated learning

Grundfos uses the SynergyXR platform to onboard and teach employees from around the world about the magical journey of how water flows from the ground to the house.