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Offer unique virtual experiences, with the ability to scale, twist, and turn 3D objects and models. Simulate real product interactions, and offer hands-on interaction without any risks.

Harnessing VR for deeper
product understanding

The beauty of VR lies in its ability to offer hands-on experiences without the constraints of physical space or resources. Users can engage with products in ways that mimic real-life interactions, gaining insights and understanding that surpass what traditional presentations or demonstrations can offer.

Moreover, VR enables scalability, allowing businesses to reach a broader audience without the need for extensive physical infrastructure and the associated cost thereof.

Whether it’s showcasing a new product to potential investors or training employees on its features, VR provides a versatile platform that can adapt to various needs and scenarios.

By embracing VR for product knowledge, businesses can foster deeper connections, more meaningful collaborations, and ultimately drive innovation and growth. It’s not just about presenting products; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression and inspire action.

Quicker learning

Acquire knowledge that that you can remember

Risk-free exploration

Attain complex knowledge, without taking on risk

Easily scalable

Scale to your needs, without sacrificing quality

Deep dive into EV Product Knowledge

Discover the significant impact of immersive product interaction. Traditional methods fall short in engagement and retention, a gap you can avoid by offering hands-on, memorable learning experiences that can be accessed safely and on demand.

Train employees, engage customers, and showcase products. Create immersive experiences that inform and captivate, leading to unparalleled collaboration and learning.

  • Flexible product demos
  • Risk-free product interaction
  • Instantly accessible anywhere

Importing 3D models to a VR environment allows users to visualize, tilt, and turn them, leading to a better comprehension of complex objects.

Jan Dalsgaard  |  Vice President, IT at Baettr