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SynergyXR Webinar Series

12 ways companies are already using the Metaverse

As we hear more and more about the potential of the Metaverse, we’re discovering the endless possibilities of Extended Reality (XR). While we often talk about Extended Reality as something that’ll be here in the future, the truth is that the use of XR is already widespread.


To help business leaders better understand the nuts and bolts of XR and the Metaverse, we’ll be sharing and unpacking 12 use cases of Extended Reality (XR) that are already in action today. This primer will equip you with the strategic insights and real-world use cases needed to lead your company as the world embraces new ways of working and doing business.

During this 45-minute talk, we’ll dive into:

🚀 What XR and the Metaverse is (and isn’t)
🚀 How companies are already using XR across education, retail, recruitment, sales, healthcare, etc.
🚀 What steps you can take to get started

Date: 24 August 2022
Location: Online

Time: 13.00 – 13.45 CEST
Speakers: Corey Morris, Jakob Soderberg, Thomas Fenger