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Reducing the need and cost for traveling to on-site locations, through an easily scalable and flexible VR platform.

The Power of VR Maintenance
and Remote Support

Virtual Reality (VR) maintenance offers substantial benefits for companies by revolutionizing the way maintenance tasks are performed and supported. By utilizing VR technology, companies can provide technicians with detailed, interactive 3D models and real-time guidance, allowing for more accurate and efficient diagnostics and repairs. This reduces downtime and the likelihood of errors, leading to significant cost savings.

Moreover, VR enables remote support, allowing experts to assist technicians from anywhere in the world. This reduces the need for travel, speeds up problem resolution, and ensures that even the most complex issues can be addressed promptly. Overall, VR maintenance enhances operational efficiency, improves safety, and lowers costs, giving companies a competitive edge in their industry.

Travel less

Support from anywhere, anytime

Fix things faster

Reduce time from problem to solution

Cut costs

Decrease travel and downtime costs

It’s time to reimagine how we perform service and maintenance

When machines break, it can sometimes take days just to get a technician on-site, let alone assess the problem, find a solution and get it running again. Down-time is costly with every second equalling lost production and revenue.

With SynergyXR, you get a better and faster way to get and keep your operations up and running. From the comfort of your own device, you can connect with a local worker and see what they see so you can examine the situation together. As the expert, you can share images, diagrams and other helpful tools so you can fix the problem together.

SynergyXR’s turnkey solution made remote support quick and simple. They offered a plug & play solution that was straightforward and easy to implement

Olaf B. Poulsen  |  Vice President at Sanovo