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Customers can explore intricate details and visualize the full potential of a product or service, enhancing understanding and building confidence. This hands-on approach effectively communicates complexity, leaving a lasting impression and driving sales success.

Selling to customers in VR
makes perfect sense

Sometimes what we’re selling is too complicated for others to grasp, especially with large, complex, or abstract products. Sales professionals need innovative ways to bring these offerings to life. Meeting with customers in a custom-designed virtual space can create memorable experiences that traditional online or in-person meetings can’t match.


With SynergyXR, you can design these spaces to showcase your products effectively, making complex concepts easier to understand and more engaging. This approach helps captivate customers and close deals faster by providing a unique and impactful experience.

Boost understanding

Help customers understand intricate details about your products

Close faster

Shorten time spent on presenting products and close faster

Save time and money

Travel less and save money on transporting products

Virtual Showroom

Stop spending on oversized trade fair booths and instead, offer your customers an immersive experience with Virtual Reality (VR). VR allows customers to explore and interact with your products in a dynamic, engaging, and realistic environment.

This innovative approach enhances customer engagement and satisfaction while saving you money and setting your brand apart from the competition. Embrace the future of product demonstrations with VR and experience the difference it makes for your business.

Make remote sales intuitive and memorable

Replicate that feeling of walking into a decorated showroom and browsing furniture. Whether it’s beds, chairs or cupboards, SynergyXR allows you to furnish a virtual showroom with 3D models of their product catalog and present it to customers. Built-in shopping carts make it easy to complete a purchase with confidence. 

Give your customers a memorable experience and easily present your whole product catalog, without the need to spend time and money transporting it to showcase locations.

We wanted fast access to an easy to use platform. That’s what we got with SynergyXR.

Svend Erik Svendsen  |  CFO at Vikan