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Bring your products to life

SynergyXR is perfect for presenting complex products, ideas or services where the customer needs to see it to believe it.

Boost understanding

Close faster

Save time and money

Travel less

Selling to customers in virtual reality makes perfect sense

Sometimes what we’re selling is too complicated for others to grasp. That’s especially true for companies who work with large, complex or abstract things. That’s why sales professionals need a better way to bring their products, ideas and solutions to life.

Meeting with your customers in a virtual meeting space – that you can design just the way you want – gives you the power to create a memorable customer experience that’s simply not possible with online or in-person meetings. Wow customers and close deals faster with SynergyXR.

We wanted fast access to an easy to use platform. That’s what we got with SynergyXR.

Svend Erik Svendsen  |  CFO at Vikan

How Vikan connects virtually with its customers

Travel restrictions forced this global cleaning supply company to rethink how it showcases products and meets with customers remotely.