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A powerful platform that lets companies build their own Corporate Metaverse to communicate, collaborate, and learn with extended reality.

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Drive value across all levels of production

We designed SynergyXR to work across your entire production value chain. Whether you’re planning a new production facility, training workers on how to operate your production line, or servicing your machines in remote locations, you’ll feel like it was designed just for you.

SynergyXR’s turnkey solution made XR quick and simple. They offered a plug & play solution that was straightforward and easy to implement

Olaf B. Poulsen  |  Vice President at Sanovo

See SynergyXR in action

In this film, you won’t find jaw-dropping special effects, and we don’t even talk about the fancy devices. Because let’s be honest; that’s not important. It’s what all that snazzy tech can do to help organizations that really matters – and also why our motto is to BRING XR TO THE PEOPLE!