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The Corporate Metaverse Builder

SynergyXR is a no-code, cloud platform that lets companies design, onboard, sell, and support across all XR devices without writing a single line of code.

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12 ways companies are already using XR in 2022

While we often talk about Extended Reality as something that’ll be here in the future, let’s explore 12 use cases already in action today.

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XR Training

An easier, more ​cost-efficient, and scalable way to train and upskill employees. SynergyXR is a one-of-a-kind XR software platform for companies who work with products and services that are complex, technical, and difficult to explain. 

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faster than
classroom training


reduction in
workplace injuries

Remote Support

With SynergyXR, you get a better and faster way to get and keep your operations up and running. From the comfort of your computer, you can connect with local workers and see what they see so you can fix the problem together.

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increase in
training efficiency


fewer service and
maintenance trips

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Read stories, articles, editorials, and columns about SynergyXR that have been featured in national and local media.

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